Not only our body postures and movements make us unique, but they also reveal our personality. Namely, the way we fist our hand can reveal a lot about us, our relationships with other people, our personality, etc.

All you have to do to find out more about your personality is to close you hand and observe it thoroughly.
Here is what the fisting of hand reveals:

1. Thumb over the fingers

People think that you are talented, friendly and charismatic. You are flexible, careful and self-confident, too.

You are often afraid of doing the things that you love. You do not have high expectations and you avoid taking risks. People enjoy in your friendship.

In love life, you do not believe to everyone and you do not forgive easily. You are constantly occupied with past experiences. You do not open your heart, as you are afraid of failure.

2. Fingers above the thumb

People think that you are intelligent, creative and enthusiastic. You are smart, prudent, harmonious and calm, too.
You are a quiet person, and you do not want to harm other people. You are honest and loyal to your friends.

In love life, you forgive and forget easily. You are compassionate and you do not want to hurt your partner, so you stay in a long relationship.

3. Thumb up to the index

People think that you are friendly, innovative, imaginative and generous. You may sometimes be persistent and impatient. People love your sense of humor.

You are kind, honest, gently and respectful, too. Even though people usually try to take advantage of your generosity, you can see who your real friend is.

In love life, you are too reserved, as you aim achieve your dream and to find a person who truly loves you.

What does your fist reveal about your personality?