Wild lettuce is one of the most beneficial natural painkillers, which is used due to its sedative effect. Wild lettuce is like dandelion and thistle.

However, it is much more beneficial that the synthetic painkiller. Wild lettuce, which is also known as ‘poor men’s opium’, was used in the 19th century instead of opium.

Nowadays, the distilled water from the wild lettuce is used as a sedative by the French. Moreover, the Hopi Indians smoked it in order to fall into a mild dream.

The lettuce sap is loaded with lacturacium, a type of pain relieving compound. The saps are usually collected and then dried. Their main components are lactucin, lactucipirin and lactapirin.

These compounds have analgesic properties, and have shown a greater effect than ibuprofen in mice. Scientists consider that lactucipirin and lactucin possess a sedative effect.

A group of researchers from Iran stated that the opium lettuce was used as a painkiller since the Victorian period.
The Institute for the History of Science releases a paper titled ‘Lettuce, Lactuca, like a Medicinal Plant’, in the 19 century, which claimed that the effect of the lettuce was more ineffective than opium, but it has no side effects.

Moreover, it also stated that the lactucarium is proven to have greater curative effects than the opium.
Wild lettuce is also beneficial for treating cough. In addition, it also soothes the signs of pertussis.

Health benefits of wild lettuce

– Asthma

Wild lettuce was used in the treatment of asthma. It relieves its symptoms and gives immediate comfort.

– Anxiety

People, who experience anxiety, can use wild lettuce for its sedative effects.

– Headache or migraine

Wild lettuce soothes headache and pain, and prevents it.

– Tension and pain

The wild lettuce opiate soothes pain and lowers tension, thus calming down the mind and the body.

– Insomnia and sleep

Wild lettuce is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia. It calms down the body and enhances the quality of the sleep.

Wild lettuce has numerous healing properties, and people used it to fall into a euphoric dream. It does not contain opiates and it is legal for use. However, if you use it in large amount, it may cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and anxiety.

How to use it?

Cut the wild lettuce and squeeze its sap. Put it in alcohol and prepare a healing mixture. The fresh leaves and flowers can be used instead of the saps.

You should dry the wild lettuce, and use it for making tea. Moreover, you can use 1.5 mg. of wild lettuce sap in the tea as a flavor. In addition, you can smoke 2,5 mg of wild lettuce sap, but no more than that if you do not want to experience any side effects.