In the modern society, we are all addicted to the Internet. People’s life was made much easier with the revolution of Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi is very convenient, we all have it in our homes. The abbreviation Wi-Fi stands for a wireless network that provides you with a connection to numerous devices, without using entangled cables.

Even though there have been plenty of safety concerns about using Wi-Fi, it has finally been proven that using Wi-Fi is highly harmful for the human overall health, particularly for children. No matter of you believe it or not, Wi-Fi kills us slowly without any warning.


Some of the potential dangers that Wi-Fi may cause are considered to be:

1. Damaged childhood development

The radio non-thermal frequency radiation that comes from Wi-Fi can hinder the cellular development in children, particularly fetal development. In fact, radio frequency radiation may affect the tissues growth, particularly in children and the youth.

As a result of this, they will be more prone to the effects than average, as well as will have higher risk of experimenting developmental issues.

2. Agitated brain function

Wi-Fi may affect concentration and the functioning of the brain. Therefore, if the brain activity is lowered, it may lead to memory loss or experiencing concentrating difficulties.

3. Neutralized sperm

Wi-Fi treats virility of men. Therefore, if men are exposed to Wi-Fi frequency radiation, it may lead to lowered movement of the sperm and DNA fragmentation. In addition, it may affect fertility and increase the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

4. Increased risk of cancer

Being exposed to electromagnetic frequency radiation from Wi-Fi may have side effects, which can lead to increased risk of tumor development.

5. Cardiac Stress

A great number of people suffer from electromagnetic radiation and experience a physical response, like high heart rate. As a result of this, exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of experiencing cardiovascular diseases.

6. Insomnia

Wi-Fi greatly influences sleep quality. If you cannot fall asleep, or if you have irregular sleeping patterns, it may be a result of reduced frequency modulation from Wi-Fi or mobile phones. In fact, people who are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation are more likely to experience sleeping difficulties. On the other hand, bad sleep quality is harmful for the overall health.


Luckily, there a few ways which will help you to prevent yourself from the Wi-Fi damage, including:

• Do not keep your mobile phone in the pocket.
• Do not place the wireless router in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
• At home, it is best to use wired phones, as they lower electromagnetic radiation.
• In case you are pregnant, avoid keeping the mobile phone near the belly.
• Use texting instead of talking on the mobile phone.
• Keep the mobile phone at the seat of your car, or at the other end of the room.
• Before going to bed, disconnect all Wi-Fi routers in your home.
• Avoid using wireless baby monitors, because they function on microwave frequency.
• Minimize the time you spend with wireless devices.
• Turn off Wi-Fi when you do not use it.

Reference: Good Morning Center