There are different studies which prove that vitamin D is even more efficient against the flu than the actual flu shot? A lot of people are not afraid to get the flu, but there are many people who are afraid of getting it and that is the reason why a lot of people get flu shots.

They always do as they are told. But not many know that they are injected with mercury. There was a clever public relations campaign and because of it a lot of people think that mercury cannot be found in vaccines and there is a half-truth in that.

The mercury-based preservative that is present in vaccines is called Thimerosal and was eliminated from the “childhood” vaccines, but yet it is present in many flu vaccines. It is controversial for long period and there is a good reason for that.

Many people go with the vaccine because they do not know that vitamin D is more efficient than a flu shot and it is also safer and better way.

Studies claim that vitamin D is more efficient than flu shots

It was discovered in studies that vitamin D is more effective than flu shots. The fact is that the flu shot is not so efficient at all. It has different efficiency every year. In some years it was proven that it was not efficient at all. It was shown in the Cochrane studies that there are no benefits in taking flu shots and certainly not many benefits to older people or infants and they are at the biggest risk of complications from getting the flu.

Actually, vitamin D is way better then a flu shot. Vitamin D has positive effect and it is able to activate our healing genes and it does that much better than anything else that was ever discovered!

Vitamin D can improve the immune system, it can fight against depression, help you to have strong bones etc.

Different facts about vitamin D:

– The best way to get vitamin D is sun, but you won’t be able to get it always from the sun.
– The best time to be in the sun is around noon and in summer.
– It takes around 48 hours in order the vitamin D to be absorbed in the skin. If you use some detergents or products after being under the sun you might disrupt this process and also prevent vitamin D assimilation and synthesis.
– Skin pigment is able to filter sunlight. If you get dark skin, you will need more sun in order to get more vitamin D.
– You should never be long in the sun as it can cause burning.
– If you have vitamin D deficiency you should take vitamin D supplements.
– Milk contains a lot of vitamin D.
– You should avoid using sunscreens all the time. Use them if you are overexposed to sun. Only use a quality sunscreen that does not contain toxins and can block UVB and UVA rays.
– If you can you should avoid wearing sunglasses, except if you are exposed to reflective light (including light reflecting off of water and snow).

Foods that is rich in vitamin D:

– Cod liver oil
– Salmon
– Sardines
– Mackerel
– Caviar
– Tuna
– Mushrooms
– Eggs

For getting the ideal amount of vitamin D you should be exposed to sunlight and consume at least 2 of these foods on a daily basis.