What is the meaning of life? – a question which intrigues everyone including scientists and experts who devote their life to providing the answer to this universal question. The reason why it is difficult to answer this question is the fact that the same answer does not apply to everyone.

However, many agree that the most adequate answer may be happiness since the same simply affects every single person and makes their life better. Reaching this state of blissfulness is not the same for everyone. It can be present in our DNA but it can also be present in our astrological signs.

We all have this encoded but we need to know how to unlock it. In this article, our focus will be the happiness of the people i.e. what makes each person happy depending on their zodiac sign.


Being a sign of fire they are the happiest when challenged. Small and big challenges make them happy and powers them with excitement.


They dislike change even when they need it. They are devoted to their partner especially when they find a partner they can trust. Trust is very important for them and in order to be happy they need love and stability.


They dream of freedom and becoming independent. This is what makes them happy.


Known for their need of emotional security they love continuity regardless if it is their job or relationship. In order to be happy they need to use their potential to grow. Focusing on their goals and making safe choices is what keeps them happy.


Confidence radiates happiness in Leos. They possess unique profile and strive for perfection. However, they need to understand that they will never be perfect and as soon as they embrace what they are they will be truly happy.


Recognition of their efforts is what makes them happy. Being most self-critical they tend towards self-development always believing that there is something that needs to be done. They rest when they get a ‘Thank You’. Admiration and ethical support is what matters for them and makes them happy.


They need beauty to stay happy. They live for beauty and affection. They want harmony and space for self-expression.


They can survive everything and being such survivors they are constantly in search of power. Their strength comes from many aspects in life but their true power lies within them and as soon as reach this they become happy.


Always aiming higher than others and being guided by hope they are optimists who are happiest when nurturing people close to them.


They are always doubtful and strive towards perfectionism. In order to stay happy they need respect from other people.


Longing to be different from others they are happiest when embracing their uniqueness.

PISCES-warm feelings

Although seemingly lost due to their inability to recognize the source of stimuli, they create a defense system which enables them to enter other worlds far from reality. In order to be happy they simply need people around them with warm emotions who will make them feel secure and thus happy.