We all enjoy consuming alcohol from time to time, especially when we celebrate something or when we want to de-stress our bodies and minds. Alcohol is classified as a depressant and its moderate consumption bolsters our mood and provides relaxation and relief.

However, these feelings have short-term effects and after an excessive drinking we usually wake up with annoying headache and brain fog.

This means that alcohol has drastically altered both our bodies and minds.

The occasional and moderate alcohol consumption is considered as beneficial for the overall health, especially for the cardiovascular system. But if you consume it excessively and on a daily basis, then you should consider the possibility of quitting it.

Dr. Barry Sears, who is a biochemist and creator of Zone diet, says that the negative effects of immoderate drinking may trigger inflammatory processes in the internal organs and even damage your DNA.

This in turn puts you at higher risk of developing diseases like cancer, liver disease, Diabetes, cardiovascular and neurological issues. Apart from these diseases, excessive drinking can also induce crazy sugar cravings, liver fat, excess calories, dry skin, sleep disorders and foggy concentration.

Therefore, we are going to present you 7 incredible things that will happen to your body and mind if you quit alcohol for at least two weeks:

1. You will lose some extra pounds

All alcoholic beverages contain 200-700 calories. They are also rich in sugar which disturbs the function of your digestive system. What’s more, even the slightest hangover may lower your ability to do a workout and increases your cravings for greasy and unhealthy foods.

Excessive drinking also reduces your muscle development which in turn hinders your post-workout recovery.

2. Your risk of cancer significantly decreases

Alcohol has been linked to numerous cancers such as liver, mouth, breast, rectum and colon cancer. The more you drink, the higher the risk. So, giving up alcohol reduces your chances of developing cancerous disease.

3. You will feel more energized and alert

Regular intake of alcohol, especially in larger amounts disrupts your sleep patterns. As a result, you wake up with hangover and you feel less energized and tired.

Some people drink alcohol in order to fall asleep quickly. However, this reduces the REM sleep which results in poor concentration and drowsiness the next morning.

4. You feel happier

Alcohol interferes with the ability of your body to deal with stress and it is even associated with depression. Some people believe that alcohol use will help them forget about their worries. In fact, the truth is different. Excessive alcohol consumption prolongs the feelings of depression, sadness and anxiety.

If you stop using it, you will allow your body to balance and cleanse itself. This will also help you to control your emotions and feelings, giving you a sense of equilibrium and clarity.

5. Your blood sugar normalizes

We have already mentioned that alcoholic beverages contain sugar, so excessive drinking may trigger diabetes. When you give up drinking, the levels of glucose in your blood normalize.

6. Your skin will be glowing and healthier

Excessive alcohol use leads to dehydration, making your skin irritated, dry and tight.

What’s more, it overburdens your liver with chemicals and sugar which hinder its function. This successively lowers the ability of your liver to filter the blood and detoxify your organism from toxins and impurities.

So, when you quit alcohol your body will be able to transport the vital nutrients, thus improving your overall health and giving your skin a natural glow.

7. You will save a great deal of money

When you give up alcohol your wallet will be fuller. If you calculate how much money you usually spend on alcoholic beverages and put it into bigger perspective, you will be shocked.

Giving up alcohol will save you a lot of money and that will have a positive impact on your financial situation and your life in general. Instead of wasting your money on drinks, invest it to reach your goals.

Some people would say that few drinks here and there won’t do any harm. Although occasional drinking may not seem like a ″big deal″, the damage it causes to your liver is actually cumulative. So, keep in mind that 1 or 2 drinks per day can be just as detrimental as one night of binge drinking.

By quitting alcohol for at least two weeks you allow your body to purify itself. You will also experience amazing effects on your overall health.

Reference: Prevention