Recent studies have shown that eating nuts on a daily basis prevents heart issues. If you eat nuts on a regular basis, your heart would be protected.

The studies have also shown improved flexibility of blood vessels as well as regulated cholesterol level only 4 hours after consuming nut oil or nuts.

People should eat walnuts regularly, as they significantly prevent cardiovascular diseases, as a result of their effect on the serum cardiovascular factors.

Dr. Penny K. Etherton, a nutrition professor at the University of Pennsylvania, claimed that the risk of experiencing heart diseases is significantly reduced by consuming walnuts or walnut oil for 4 days a week.

This was the first study to determine the active ingredients of walnuts, which have numerous health benefits. The flexibility of the blood vessels can be enhances in 4 hours by taking 51 g (3 tablespoons) of walnut oil. The walnut oil is considered to be very effective for the endothelial cells, which are very essential for the flexibility of the blood vessels.


– According to the Romans, the walnuts represented a sex medicine that stimulated fertility and desire.

– Walnuts can lower the risk of diabetes, sooth stress, prevent prostate and breast cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s.

– In medieval Britain and ancient Greece, doctors used walnuts in order to treat headaches and mental disorder, because they thought that the brain-shaped nut indicated its curative ability.

– California grew more than 60 % of the world’s walnuts, which is over 303.000 tons per year.

– Turkey is the place where walnuts originate from, but they were primarily cultivated by the ancient Greeks.

– However, walnuts also have disadvantages, because 2 handfuls of walnuts contain 650 calories.

This is a great discovery, isn’t it? The health benefits of lots of raw foods, which people are discovering now, are surprising. It reminds people of the time when the Food and Drug Administration claimed that walnuts are ‘drugs’.

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