Castor oil is a liquid gold for the hair. Not only does it give the hair a healthy look, it improves its texture, accelerates its growth and has a beneficial effect. It is dense, with the golden color it receives by extracting the fruits of the castor oil plant.

You wonder why is it so special?

The main feature of castor oil is the low molecular weight that allows easy penetration into the skin. Therefore, this oil is ideal for hydrating the skin and hair because it easily penetrates into the pores of the skin and the root of the hair. By applying the castor oil you will gain deep cell hydration.

Castor oil contains a rarely found fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, and can be found only in this oil or in rare species of mushrooms. Due to the high content of this acid in its composition, castor oil displays strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Here are the ways castor oil helps your hair:

• It provides a moisturizing effect on your hair. Due to the high penetration power in the hair and skin of the head, it transmits numerous minerals and nutrients that provide long-lasting hydration and root nutrition.

• Castor oil stimulates the growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, even in places where for some reason they have fallen out. In addition, it also accelerates growth.

• With regular use, castor oil can repair hair damage caused by chemicals (use of strong hair dye, hydrogen and the like). Omega-9 fatty acids, which this oil contains in abundance, prevent dryness, both on the skin of the head and on the hair.

• It is also excellent for eliminating dandruff problems, and with regular use it can restore the damaged hair caused by dying.

• Castor oil also acts as a means of retaining the moisture of the hair and the skin on the head. Regular use of this oil makes the hair soft and elastic.

• For best results, you need to use cold pressed oil. High-quality cold pressed oil has a golden-yellow color and a mild odor of the plant. Also, research shows that cold pressed castor oil reduces dark spots on the skin and wrinkles.

How to apply it?

Before use, the hair should be damp. Castor is very dense and sticky, so it is not recommended to be used in large quantities. Applying in large quantities will not help, but will make your hair greasy and without volume. It is also important to apply it only at the root or only at the tips. After application, the hair should be covered with a shower cap or plastic bag and then wrapped with a warm cloth and allowed to stand for two hours.

During this time, the hair and skin of the head will absorb the oil. At the end, rinse the hair well with lukewarm water, apply conditioner and rinse again. Castor oil helps your hair in many ways. After treatment with castor oil, your hair will be healthier and softer.