Once you notice ants in your house, it might already be too late to prevent their infestation. Not only that but if you have trees outside, they could be carrying in leaf lice as well. You might have wondered how leaf lice moved from place to place – well now you know the ants transport them.

Ants could be quite troubling as they could easily sneak up in your food supplies and render them unusable. This begs the question of how to deal with the problem?

Understanding the Issue

It is important that you understand how an ant colony works. The queen ant is the only one that lays eggs and never leaves her nest, the whole colony is built around her. It is her that you need to deal with in order to quickly deal with the issue.

You might kill a thousand other ants and you might think that you are successful but that will only last a period of time until the new ants are born.

What you can do about it, so you will be sure to have the most efficient process of ant riddance possible, is to follow the ants. It might seem silly and will certainly be annoying unless you are Richard Feynman but when an ant finds food, it goes directly back to the colony, leaving a scent clue behind in order to lead the other ants to the food source.

Be Patient

Don’t be hasty to spray and kill those ants. As mentioned previously, that will have no long term result, as they will be replaced with new worker ants within a matter of days. What they can do for you, however, is show you the way to their colony which will provide a potentially permanent solution.

Instead of that, you should place out bait in the form of some kind of a food. Sugar, for example, would be perfect but make sure it is small enough for a single ant to be able to carry it.

This will provide you with two options; you could either spray the bait itself or deal directly with the colony. Having the queen be poisoned by her own workers is usually the more efficient way as many times the nest will be set up in a location which people cannot access.

Not to mention the added benefit of the queen realizing her staff poisoned her.
Joke aside; it might take a few days until the insecticide deals with the problem depending on the size of the ant colony.

Just be sure to keep the bait area set up at all times with new bait, so the insecticide will spread faster. In case the colony is accessible you might as well use an insecticide spray to get rid of the problem faster.

To prevent further instances, clean up the location of the colony and make sure that you don’t leave food or water on places easily accessible by the ants. You might want to seal entries near windows and doors as small as they are.