Some of the most common household problems occur in the bathroom or more precisely with clogged toilet. Most of us keep a plunger which is rather efficient tool for unclogging the toilet.

However, sometimes when there is no plunger on hand, we have to think of other ways to solve the clogged toilet problem. Believe it or not there are several ways which can be as effective as the plunger. For example:

Dish soap: this is a very easy way to unclog the toilet. All you need to do is use the liquid dish soap by pouring a significant amount of the same in the toilet.

After leaving it for 30 minutes you pour a bucket of warm water slowly into the toilet. After this flush the toilet and the clog will disappear.

Bleach: this works faster than dish soap and can be especially useful when the toilet is about to overflow. In such case you need to pour 2-3 cups of bleach followed by 1 cup of powdered soap.

After 10 minutes flush the toilet and the clog will be removed.

Shampoo: pour a lot of shampoo in the toilet. Add a bucket of very hot water. Wait for 10 minutes for the water level to get lower. If this does not happen, then wait for another 10 minutes.

Keep adding the shampoo and the hot water as the level goes down until you are able to flush the clog away.

Hanger: wire hanger is used when nothing else is working. The hanger needs to be straight in order to be able to poke it down into the drain hole. It will break up the clog allowing you to flush by avoiding overflowing of the water.

Plastic wrap: this is the last option which you may use when all other options have failed. Cover the toilet with a plastic wrap. Next, flush the toilet. As a result, the wrap will start to bubble upward.

When this happens you need to firmly press it since the pressure of the trapped air will force the clog disappear.