Not only broken relationships cause heartbreaks, but also they come through broken trust, broken friendships, or a family conflict. When we feel broken, we think it is the end of the world. Even though we do not want heartbreaks, they help you learn important life lessons and enhance your gentle spirit.

Even though it may be spiritual beneficial, it may cause many physical consequences, which you should be aware of.
By learning the physical consequences, you will be able to understand yourself better and to take precautions on time.


1. You experience physical pain

After heartbreak, you may experience some physical pain, such as: stomachaches, headaches, or heartaches.
This physical pain is caused by the severe heartbreak that the body has to resist. Moreover, the physical pain is also characterized by emotional and mental stress.

2. Loss of appetite or overeating

After heartbreak, people forget to take care of themselves as before. As a result of this, they tend to skip eating. This leads to weight loss.

However, there are also people, who try to endure heartbreaks by eating lots of food. Whenever they are hurt, they eat a lot. This in turn leads to weight gain.

3. Inability to focus

When you are overwhelmed with emotions, caused by heartbreak, you are unable to focus. this may result in making mistakes at work.

The best solution is to take a rest and calm down.

4. You may experience sleeping difficulties

Whenever you are alone, you think of the person who hurt you. This leads to poor sleep quality. Even though you want to calm down, whenever you go the bed, sleep evades you.
You may feel a bit relaxed by listening to soothing music.

5. You need to be on your own

Whenever we are hurt, we feel the need to be on our own. We feel more comforted when we feel the pain alone rather than sharing it with other people.

In addition, we do not like other people to see us hurt.

6. You experience irregular or delayed menstrual cycles

Numerous studies have found out that when you are under stress, you may experience irregular or delayed menstrual cycles. Missed menstrual cycles may be also caused by severe stress.

In fact, stress enables the function of the hypothalamus, which controls the master or pituitary gland. This gland controls the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland and the ovaries.

Not only heartbreak hurts women self, but it also hurts their femininity.

7. You may experience hair loss

Severe stress also leads to hair loss. After heartbreak, if you notice hair falling, you should know that it is caused by the stress you are experiencing.

8. You may experience self-doubt periods

After heartbreaks, you begin to question or doubt your value. You start to question yourself whether you are valuable enough to put up with the pain. This usually occurs as a result of low confidence.

9. You may experience cramps

Irregular or prolonger menstrual cycles may lead to menstrual cramps in women. In addition, this increases the emotional pain that you are suffering from.

The best way to treat menstrual cramps is to do exercises, which reduce the effects of the menstrual cramps. There are drugs which can treat menstrual cramps, too.

10. You have weak immune system

Severe stress affects the human body, which in turn weakens the immune system, too. It also makes you more prone to infections and diseases.

11. You may suffer from a withdrawal syndrome

After heartbreak, it is normal that you suffer from a withdrawal syndrome. You are surprised by the person that you have been attached to.

When the person leaves you, you try to avoid your daily routines, too.

12. You are more sensitive

Whenever you experience pain, you feel more vulnerable. You may get hurt even by trivial remarks and comments.

In cases like this, you should try to avoid being with negative people. Their negative energy may additionally stress your body.

13. Your heart may slow down

After heartbreak, the heart is affected mostly. If you notice that the function of your heart has slowed down and it functions differently than before, you should consult with a doctor.

After longing for a long period of time, you may experience a broken heart syndrome.

14. You may experience intense sadness

After heartbreak, it is normal that you feel sad. However, if you are not able to deal up with it, you may also experience depression.

If you feel psychological instability, you should spend more time with people, who take care of and appreciate you.

15. You experience increased stress levels

Severe stress is harmful for the human body. The increased levels of stress may hinder the proper functioning of the body. In addition, if you are under stress for a long period of time, it may cause havoc in the life.
Whenever you feel under stress, take a rest, calm down or take up some exercise.

Even though it is normal that you experience these signs of heartbreak, it is important to be aware of them and to know how to control them. Recovering from heartbreak can be difficult.


1. Stay active, even though you do not want it.
2. Do not avoid your daily eating habits.
3. Share your opinions and thoughts with your friends, and socialize.