Not many people know that the banana is the new super fruit when it comes to keeping the doctor away. Actually, you will never look at the banana the same way after you discover the numerous benefits it has.

By including the banana in your menu you will get a powerful energy tool packed with valuable micronutrients. Its vitamins B6, A and C, iron, sodium, potassium, its simple and complex carbohydrates and natural sugars make the banana an integral part of every person’s healthy diet regime.

Bananas contain a significant amount of fiber which makes digestion smooth and easy. With frequent consumption of bananas you can resolve irregular bowel movements. In the same time bananas contain pectin which helps in the absorption of fluids and thus it is very effective for diarrhea treatment.

However, you need to be careful because consuming too much banana with little water can lead to constipation and gas. Also, if you eat unripe bananas you can cause the same health problem.

Due to the unique combination of vitamins and minerals, bananas provide natural energy. In addition, this energetic potential is increased as a result of the three natural sugars ( sucrose, fructose and glucose) plus the simple and complex carbohydrates which provide endurance and quick energy.

Several components which the banana has can eliminate bacteria in the stomach and neutralize food acidity thus preventing the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Being rich with minerals makes the banana an excellent heart protector. People who regularly eat bananas can effectively reduce the risk of stroke, regulate their blood pressure and prevent other heart diseases.

By having at least three bananas per day you can also prevent vision loss because they contain vitamin A which is vital for decreasing the risk of night blindness and for eye health in general.

Many people who deal with weight problems would find the following characteristic extremely beneficial i.e. bananas are the perfect choice for people who want to lose weight.

Bananas increase the metabolism processes and keep you feel full because they are low in fat but high in vitamins and fiber. Another benefit which can not be ignored is that the banana is a good source of iron for people with anemia.

The usual symptoms associated with anemia such as headaches, dizziness, tiredness and fast heartbeat can be significantly reduced with daily consumption of bananas. Furthermore, bananas are recommended for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness.

Eating one banana in the morning and after each meal can not only restore the level of blood glucose and prevent nausea but it can also lift the mood and support the physical development of the baby. Bananas are also regarded as natural antidepressants.

They contain a protein which helps you relax and feel happier. The bananas can also stimulate brain activity and increase concentration. Finally, the banana peel has its own advantages as well.

It acts as a perfect solution against mosquito bites. By rubbing the banana peels into the bite you will reduce the painful itching and swelling.

In conclusion, this low-cost fruit can be a great choice for healthy sweet snack between meals especially if you take into consideration all the above mentioned benefits.