Very often people say phrases such as “40 is the new 30” or “50 is the new 40”. However, what if this is not true and the ”new” 40s or 50s are actually the ”new” nothing. What would happen if the “new” 40s or 50s are simply a door to a new world with no labels but a world with indefinite opportunities. Nowadays, for many women this is very closely related to the truth.

Television and advertising have always had great influence on shaping the general public opinion, and no mater what TV producers and advertisers want you to think, a large number of middle-aged women disagree with them and on the contrary do not feel middle-aged at all. However, there are many who would not say that middle-aged women simply like acing younger than they really are but just try to redefine the concept of being a woman in her 40s or 50s.

For example, Polly Kemp from Somerset, who is a fit yoga instructor, loves fashion and enjoys creating documentaries about her travels around the world on Instagram. When reading this one might think that it is a description of a person who became an adult in the year 2000 but believe it or not Polly is a 51-year-old mother of three adult children.

In a recent interview, Polly expressed her opinion and feelings regarding this topic which many women might personally relate to. She said that whenever she heard the term “middle-aged” she had to stop and consider whether that was meant to be her. She firmly emphasized that she had never been interested in doing housework like polishing the silver and preparing menus, instead she described herself as rather spontaneous person who did not approve the traditional approach of associating quality with middle age.

Truthfully, Polly is a real representative of adult women’s average experience nowadays i.e. even though they do not feel young that does not mean that they do not feel comfortable. On the contrary, they feel incredibly comfortable in their skin and live their life to the maximum. This makes them more loving mothers, more successful in their careers.

However, the question asked is: ’How do today’s middle-aged women really feel?’ The Telegraph carried out a survey in which the 40-plus women were interviewed and 96% of them said that they did not feel middle-aged at all.

Superhuman carried out a similar research and got more or less similar results. In their study they found that 80% of women who belong to this age category disagreed with the assumptions of the society regarding middle-age life of women and felt that these assumptions did not depict their real way of life.

Actually, more than 2/3 said that this age was the height in their lives i.e. 59% felt more vibrant in their 40s and 50s than in their 30s or 20s whereas 84% disapproved of labels and categorically rejected them. Therefore, why is this generation of women changing the traditional approach of middle-aged life and introducing a new experience of going through middle age? Two trends can be pointed out as a result of many answers related to this question and these two surveys:

• Women pay more attention to their bodies. They treat their bodies better, they eat healthier than before and they do much exercise.

• Women accept their physical appearance feeling more confident about it. They no longer feel shame over their bodies blindly following the cunning marketing plans. They simply accept every life stage with all its advantages.

• Taking risks and adventurous spirit is what characterize middle-aged women. 60% of them embrace new challenges because they find that they are very important and 80% expressed their interest in gaining new experiences.

• Women never slow down, they want more, they set bigger goals and aspire high. They value themselves more by advancing in their careers and in their homes.

All things considered, hopefully, this generation of women who radiate with confidence will pass their experiences to the future generation.