Some people believe that a broken heart is actually a step forward to love that will make you feel happier and complete.

Love can hurt, especially if it is not reciprocated. This makes you feel so lost that you are blind to all warning signs that are trying to make you aware of the upcoming disaster. And when finally everything falls apart, you will be shattered into pieces. This is the price you have to pay for choosing the wrong person in your life.

People make the biggest mistake in their lives because they have so much to give but unfortunately fail to learn the lessons that will make them ready for something better.

The most painful things in life usually bring the most valuable lessons. In other words, maybe those mistakes aren’t actually mistakes. Maybe they are the only path leading us to the right place and the right person in our lives. Maybe that is how we should learn to give love and forgive.

Healing is the most important process of learning and growing. It takes a tremendous willpower, determination, and energy. More than we can actually muster. Healing is a decision we ought to make in order to let the things go and thus become stronger.

It takes a huge strength and courage to accept the fact that love hurts and get up and leave once it fades away because we know we are destined for someone else.

It is worth going through that pain because, in the end, we will get a real and drama-free love.

Here is how to recognize the love of your life once it knocks on your door:

• Real love isn’t cold. The real person will never deprive you of kisses, cuddles, and hugs you desire. This kind of love will always keep you warm.

• Real love isn’t one-sided. Both of you will invest in the relationship and put enormous efforts into making each other happy.

• Real love isn’t deaf to your problems. When you find the real one, you will never feel lonely again. That person will always be there when the need arises and listen to you even if he/she can’t help.

• Real love won’t make you beg for it. The person who wants to stay in your life will always find a way without any excuses.

• Real love makes you happy. It isn’t violent in any way and it makes you smile a lot.

• Real love never blames others. It takes responsibility. It never takes anything personally. It is forgiving and allows you to be who you are.

• Real love has no room for jealousy. The real person will have confidence in the quality of your relationship because they know that jealousy isn’t a sign of love.

• Real love isn’t just a feeling. It’s an action. We all tend to be addicted to some great and intense emotions such as love. This is because it makes us feel awesome and we want to feel that way forever. However, after a while, this feeling will fade away. It doesn’t mean that love has vanished and we don’t love our partner anymore. In fact, it means that the feeling we had isn’t new anymore. So, this a perfect time for the action to come into effect. Find a way to show your partner how much you love him/her.