Turmeric lemonade is proven to be one of the best medicines that can offer cure for different health conditions.

Turmeric root possesses potent anti-inflammatory qualities and can prevent cancer cells growth. It is also able to lower cholesterol levels and treat depression. It can also be used to treat stomach pain, skin cancer, gallbladder pain, Alzheimer’s disease, diarrhea, arthritis, jaundice and heartburn.

Using turmeric against depression

Depression is treated with different medications, such as Prozac. However, these medications can come with side effects, like making the depression worse and leading to suicide, breathing problems and stomach bleeds.

On the other side, you can treat depression with turmeric and there are no side effects. Turmeric is able to treat depression because it contains curcumin, which is better than fluoxetine contained in Prozac.

Preparing turmeric lemonade

There are several different ways in which you can prepare turmeric lemonade. The way presented here is easy and the most effective way.

Recipe for 4 servings of turmeric lemonade

Needed ingredients:

• 4 tablespoons of stevia, honey or maple syrup
• 4 cups cold water
• 2 tablespoons powdered or grated turmeric
• 1 lime or lemon
• A pinch of black pepper
• Optional – juice from one blood orange


Mix the ingredients and serve with lemon slices.


• Contains antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
• It improves absorption of nutrients and boosts the immune system.

You can consume the lemonade daily and in combination with all foods.

The best thing about the recipe is that the ingredients are cheaper than the medications and it is easy to prepare.

Consult your doctor before consuming this lemonade if you are taking certain drugs.