It is not easy to lose weight and it always requires dedication, motivation, determination and big lifestyle changes. This is mostly true if your goal is to lose more than 50 pounds. However, you should now that the beginning is not as difficult as you think.

The first thing you have to do is to become emotionally and mentally prepared, because the fight against the weight can be hard and it is important to stay focused on what you want to achieve. You are aware that the extra weight has a bad influence over your health. You’ve been overweight for a longer time and you’ve carried this excess weight with you, which can make things even worse.

That is why you should follow these things.

1. The reason for losing weight should be the love for your body.

It is important to be aware that your body is beautiful and you should want to improve it even more. If you start exercising and dieting just because you hate your body, because being negative will not cause a positive outcome.

On the contrary, the reason for your lifestyle change should be the love for your body.

It is important to start small and set goals. You should change your habits gradually, one step at a time. This way you will remain stimulated during the entire process of weight loss.

2. Perfect time for beginning does not exist.

If you are looking for the perfect moment to begin, you should know that it does not exist. You will always have important dates, birthdays, vacations, holidays, and you will postpone this. It is important to make a sacrifice and just do it.

3. Weight loss is a full-time commitment.

If you are willing to lose weight you cannot just follow your regimen for 5 days and take the weekends off. If you want to do this, you will need time and patience.

4. You will make mistakes.

You have to be aware that you can make mistakes. If you have a slip on a certain occasion you just have to get back on track immediately.

These are additional tips that will help you to begin your weight loss process:

1. Begin with something you like

In order not to give up you should ease things at the beginning. Start eating more of your favorite vegetables, or if you enjoy biking you should start doing it on a regular basis. Set your goals!

2. Move more

You should stop sitting and you should move more! Walk your children to school, take the stairs, go on a walk instead of lunches or dinner and be active.

It will help you to burn extra calories and speed up the weight loss process.

3. Make food switches

Go for grains, whole fruits, vegetables, meat and grains. Avoid eating processed and packaged foods that contain a lot of sugar, calories, salt and fats, additives and preservatives.

4. Consume smaller portions

In order to control how much you eat, you should start eating smaller portions. If you feel still hungry just drink one glass of water. It will fill you up.

5. Before you get rid of the old habits add new ones

It will be easier for you to accept the new and healthy habits if you add them first and afterwards eliminate the bad ones.

6. Do not eat carbs in the morning

If you have 50 pounds to lose or even more, it can mean that you have low insulin sensitivity. It means that you should avoid eating carbs for breakfast. Instead eat more proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. If you start eating a little bit of non-processed carbs for dinner, it will help you to sleep better and also will support losing weight.

7. Enjoy in every meal

It is important to slow down and enjoy and pay attention to your food. It will give time to your digestive system to do the processing better.

8. Eat more vegetables on a daily basis

It is important to eat more vegetables, mostly leafy green because they contain a lot of minerals, fiber, and vitamins, and small amount of calories. That is why; you should add an extra serving on a daily basis.

9. Drink coffee without sugar

Sugar consumption causes suffering to our body because it increases the insulin levels and it causes accumulation of body fat. That is why you have to exclude it from your diet.

10. Always offer to bring something to dinner parties

If you go to a friends’ house, you should bring something healthy and you will have a low-calorie snack.

11. Strength training and cardio

It is important to do cardio workouts that will burn those extra calories and also do strength workouts that will help you to build the muscle, speed up your metabolism and strengthen the joints.

12. Limit your drinking

Alcoholic drinks will only add those extra calories. That is why you should avoid and limit alcohol intake. Avoid mixing them with sodas. If you have to drink, drink plain drinks or red wine.

13. Sleep well

If you have sleep problems your body will be stressed-out and this will cause poor dietary habits and constant fatigue. If you body is exhausted, it will crave food in order to make fake energy. That is why it is important to sleep 7 to 9 hours.

14. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a very common problem and it can cause fat accumulation and fatigue. That is why you should drink plenty of it. It will energize your body, reduce the sugar intake and keep you full. We all know that losing weight is very challenging, but it is not impossible. It is important to stay focused, positive, and you will notice changes in not time.

Make better life choice and start with the amazing journey of self-loving.