Very often people lean on medicine and taking antibiotics in order to fight against certain bacteria that can cause serious health problems . However, in medicine taking antibiotics and any other prescribed medications can lead to inflammation in our stomach lining and gut.

Each time we take an antibiotic or medication we are likely to experience digestive system problems. Recent studies focused on examining the properties of one of the most commonly used medical product ibuprofen and they revealed that ibuprofen and meds similar to it can be counter-productive especially regarding the effects they have on our digestive system or more precisely our stomach.

These drugs can cause acid flux and create symptoms which reproduce cancer which can be life-threatening. Taking into consideration that these medicines can be “life-killing” as much as they are effective in bacteria and infection treatment we recommend a natural approach which can help you fight against the side effects of different medications.

Therefore, our focus in this article will be the importance of beetroot for determining whether our stomach is healthy or not. Beetroot is one of the healthiest veggies.

Apart from being used as a food and food colorant, it has also been used for medicinal properties. From the Middle Ages and up to modern times , beetroot has been used for treatment of many health conditions. Its principal use has been in anemia treatments but it has also proved its beneficial properties in lowering blood pressure and heart protection.

Beet root is of premium quality , gluten free super food. It is naturally high in nitric oxide boosting nitrates. It is rich source of iron and folate as well in magnesium, betaine and other antioxidants. The level of acids in the stomach is of crucial importance for our health.

In order to check whether our stomach acid is within the range of healthy our urine needs to be clear. The color of our urine is an indicator for that. If the color is pinkish that means that our stomach acid is low and as a result we can get problems with our digestion and feel more fatigued than usual.

Actually, low acid levels can cause the so called leaky gut. This is a condition when undigested food, waste byproducts and bacteria leak out and get into the bloodstream. In such cases it is best to check the urine by eating one organic beetroot.

If the urine is still pink after eating the beetroot, we should drink water half an hour before the meal and drink 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar. This will help in protecting the stomach lining and lower the stomach acid naturally.

Beetroots are excellent anti-cancer protectors. Their natural red color consists of compounds called betalains which help protect our heart and have anti-cancer properties. They create enzymes which kill cancer cells and successfully destroy tumors.

In conclusion, beetroot is of exceptional nutritional value. By including it in your daily diet, without exaggerating of course, you will surely discover its advantages and feel its great health value.