A lot of people do not know and are not aware if that we have the cures for every disease literally in our hands. If you want to have and experience peace and harmony the only thing that you should is “Mudras” and its essence.

All gestures that we do with our hands when we practice yoga are called mudras and they should be used for bringing joy and in our lives.

They should be used for moving the energy in the body. You should also know the fact that the nerves in the fingers are closely related to each energy channel in our body.

It is easy and it can be done everywhere and at any time. It is amazing for relaxing and additionally we will present you its benefits.

1. The Mudra of life

Prana Healing

Your thumb, little finger and index finger should be placed together. You should hold them in this position for reliving eyesight problems, preventing tiredness, stimulation of blood immunity and energy stimulation.

2. The Mudra of Knowledge

Gyan Mudra

The first thing is to sit in lotus position and place your hand on one knee. Now touch the thumb using your index finger and the other 3 fingers should be hold straight or completely free. This position is amazing for concentration improvement, reducing depression and stress as well.

3. The Mudra of Earth

Prithvi Mudra

Using your thumb tip you should touch the tip of the ring finger and press both towards each other. The other fingers should be straight and extended. It is amazing for improving digestion and balancing the Earth element in the body.

4. Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air)

Hold the index finger towards your palm and use them to press using the base of your thumb and the other fingers should be extended.

5. The Mudra of Water

Jal Mudra

The tips of the thumb and pinky finger should be placed next to each other. You should not press hard and while sitting you should cross your legs. It is amazing for reducing the dryness in your mouth and pain reducing.

6. Mudra of Fire

Agni Mudra

It is related with fire as element. Just you should fold the ring finger and use your thumb to press the thumb above the ring finger. Before you eat and drink something perform this mudra, which is related t boosting the metabolism and immune system as well.

7. The Mudra of Emptiness

Shunya Mudra

Your middle finger should be folded and use your thumb to press it over it. It is amazing for reducing sickness, treating motion sickness and different problems with your nose, tongue and ear.