Losing weight is probably the most common problem of the modern society. Being constantly under attack of fast food and stressful lifestyle most people gain weight and then face hardship trying to lose the same.

The above mentioned are the most common reasons for gaining weight. However, there are other reasons which contribute for gaining weight. More precisely, there are hormones in the human body which make us gain weight

Luckily, these hormones can be shut down and what follows is a list of six ways that can help in turning off the weight gain hormones.

1. Grains – the consumption of grains needs to be reduced since it slows down the thyroid hormone production thus resulting in weight gain.

2. Stress – In order to lose weight we need to learn to relax and avoid stressful situations.

3. Coffee – consuming more than two cups of coffee per day can raise the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol and thus lead to weight gain. The reduction of coffee intake can significantly affect weight loss.

4. Soy products – these products have the worst effect on gaining weight. They block the estrogen production and affect the hormones in a negative way.

5. Dairy products – milk and other dairy products need to be eliminated from our diet especially from the diet of teenagers who face a lot of serious weight problems.

6. Sugar – this is another great enemy when it comes to losing weight. It is number one reason for weight gain. Therefore, avoid sugar as much as possible and instead increase the protein intake.