Our home is our sanctuary and we all love to be clean, neat and organized. In some cases it can be very frustrating and hard to clean it up and we all know that these days with our everyday lifestyle it can be difficult to find time and clean it on a regular basis.

Besides, if your home is dirty it can become a place for different bugs and pesticides such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and it will look dirty and unpleasant.

Mosquitoes can transmit different diseases and some of them might be deadly. They can transmit chikungunya, malaria and dengue fever. The symptoms for these diseases are body aches, confusion, dizziness and fever. If you start feeling them you have to consult and look for a doctor.

Cockroaches are insects that love to live in dark environments and if you see one in your home during the day it can mean that there might be infestation in your house. They can be found behind the refrigerator, stoves and sinks, and under the floor drain and in the big appliances. They can easily fit in narrow places and they can also hide in mats and rubber mats.

House flies do not live only in houses. They also visit garbage heaps, sewers and dumps. They use fecal matters as well as sputum, sores and wound, spoiled eggs, fish and meat to feed on.

However, in this article you will learn how to get rid of this problem, without any effort. It will be quick and easy to do.

It is a simple recipe, which is easy to make and we reveal the symptoms.

You will need:

– ½ cup of vinegar
– ½ cup of shampoo
– ½ cup of vegetable oil or you can use olive oil

How to make it:

Take an empty spray bottle and add all ingredients. Shake the ingredients well and your spray is ready.

How to use it:

Spray the mixture on the places where you see the bugs all the time. That is it.

You should know that using this mixture is very safe for children and pets and you do not have to worry for their health. Do not worry and use it all the time when you want to eliminate the bugs from your home. You can also see dead cockroaches and flies in your home, that will prove the efficiently of the mixture.