Each of us has different sleeping habits, some can only sleep if they are in a certain position, while others are asleep at the moment they put their head on the pillow. However, some positions offer more benefits than others. Some sleep positions may have an impact on various aspects of your health.

Blood pressure, sinus infection, and many others may be affected by your sleeping position.

1. Heartburn

For people who suffer from this, falling asleep is not an easy task. Poor sleep may result in acid reflux and this may lead to insomnia and bad digestion. The best sleeping position for people suffering from acid reflux is slightly raised upper body so that the contents of the stomach remain below. It is also advisable to sleep on the left side.

2. Neck pain

The sleeping position can play a major role when it comes to neck pain. It is important to have a comfortable pillow that matches the shape of the neck, but there are other ways in which you can reduce the risk. Sleeping on the side or on the back are the two positions that are the easiest for the neck. Doctors recommend sleeping with a small towel wrapped in a roll under the neck to support it.

3. Back pain

Pain in any part of the back can make sleeping impossible. If you sleep on the back, you can reduce pain by putting a pillow under the knees. If you sleep on a stomach, place the pillow under your abdomen. If you sleep on the side, put a pillow between your knees and bend your feet towards your chest.

4. Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a very common problem and can really interfere with sleep. Sleeping on a side that does not cause pain may seem like the right choice, but there are other ways to avoid pain. Hug one pillow, or if you sleep on your back, put a small pillow under the shoulder that hurts.

5. Headaches

Poor sleep positions often cause headaches, especially as people twirl their neck during the sleep. The best position for avoiding headaches is either on your back or on the side, but with enough pillows around your head so you can’t move it overnight.

6. Digestive problems

Sleep can very easily be interrupted when you are tired of digestive problems. But sleeping on the left side can help you in this. This position is helpful because your stomach is on the left side. This allows the gravity to speed up the digestion process so you can sleep.

7. Sinus problems

Sleeping in a bad position while having sinus problems may result in clogging of the airways and sleep interruption. Try to lift your head to avoid this problem. It is important that your head is higher than your heart to reduce the amount of blood in your nose.

8. PMS pain

The pains that occur during this period may not allow you to fall asleep. But the fetal position may help reduce the pressure of the abdominal muscles. You can also reduce symptoms if you put a pillow under your knees.

9. High blood pressure

According to a study, sleeping positions can affect blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, try to sleep on the left side. Also sleeping in the stomach is quite effective.

10. Hip pain

Hip pain may make your sleeping difficult. It is important to position it so that it doesn’t put pressure on the hips and on the back. The best position for this is sleeping on the stomach. Also, if you want to sleep on the side, place a pillow between your legs. You can also try to sleep on your back with a pillow or blanket that will support your back.