People should not underestimate the power of body language. Very often your body speaks for you. You do not need to say a word and yet the other can understand what you mean thanks to your body. Certain body postures can reveal so much about a person’s character that many would find incredible.

However, the body sends signals and these signals known as body language are important factor in the way people read others. This article focuses on how your sitting posture can reveal who you are and what you are thinking without saying a word.

Therefore, let’s see five different sitting positions and what they say about our personality.

Sitting position 1 – keep the knees together but turn the toes inward when sitting.

If you sit in this position then you are most likely very charismatic and creative. Generally, people see you as a happy person who is never boring. However, sometimes you can be a bit childish with tendency to avoid problems in life, and occasionally you speak without thinking.

Sitting position 2 – cross legs while seated.

‘Dreamer ’is the word that best describes you If you have a regular tendency of crossing your legs while you are sitting. You possess remarkably powerful imagination and your creative and at times strange ideas inspire other people to think in a different way. You are an outgoing and friendly person and as a result you have plenty of friends.

However, you are not a one-place person i.e. you are rather restless and want to move fast not being able to stay at one place for too long and unfortunately, this applies to your jobs and relationships as well.

Sitting position 3 – legs apart when sitting.

Sitting with your legs apart means that you are rather informal. Your dress code is very casual i.e. you prefer jeans and T-shirt to formal dress clothes. You enjoy comfort and can be easily motivated.

However, you are rather chaotic and you find it difficult to concentrate. Due to your own chaos it seems that drama is what always surrounds your business and private life.

Sitting position 4 – straight legs when sitting.

People who often sit with their legs straight are characterized with neatness and intelligence. However, they can be rather sensitive which means they hide their emotions by keeping them to themselves.

As a result, these people avoid conflicts but in situations when they are wrongly accused they are very courageous and they speak up to set the things right. This means that they are a person of action even though at times a bit tense and anxious.

Sitting position 5 – legs angled at one side.

You are a strong-willed and level-headed person If you prefer sitting with your legs inclined at one-side angle. Your education and career are a priority. You set high goals and aim to achieve them by working hard.

You think that physical appearance is important and therefore, you pay a lot of attention to you appearance especially your clothes. You enjoy dressing nicely. You accept other people’s criticism even though you sometimes find it hurtful.