The karma of the ancestral bloodline is known as family karma. The one, who is most spiritually developed, carries the energetic blockages throughout the whole life until they do not release it.

The transfer of energy can be done verbally, physically, subconsciously and energetically. It may affect the way in which you interact with your family.

Not accepting your parents often may be related to some past energetic ties and experiences. You are your family may have had some paste experiences of rejecting and not accepting each other. In fact, family patterns are passed from ancestors to the great grandparents, from the great grandparents to grandparents, then to parents and finally to you.

For instance, your grandmother has been benign. Therefore, she looked after everybody so carefully, that she had been used by all family members even by your alcoholic grandfather. Then she becomes a sacrificial energy, needing love and attention to her family. These old traditions handed down as false truth and oppression.

This shows that you carry the DNA that has been handed to you by your parents. However, it can be rather mild or largely intense.


If you carry the karma of your family, you have these unique personality traits:

• You have been trapped in a few bizarre family matters several times.
• You feel rather different from your family.
• You are the most conscious and spiritually grown that your family members.
• You suffer from unexplained illnesses, and you notice that the society burdens are on your shoulders.
• You are aware of the family patters of your ancestors and family and you want to change them.


In order to be able to cut down the energetic cords from your family, you should first eliminate them from your feelings and your mind. Try to find the rules that your parents imposed on you and set up illusions. However, you will realize that they are based on judgment and fear.

When you have get rid of everything, you will be able to forgive your parents and will be ready to live their house. Cutting the inner energetic cords and taking responsibility for your own life symbolizes your leaving.

If you say no to your parent’s illusions and fears, you will be able to see you parents not identical to their illusions and fears. Just like you, your parents travel across the cosmos in order to fulfill their mission.

When you feel this, you will be able to forgive them. They loved you in the best way they could, even though it does not seem the best to you.

You may be a victim of the ego-based consciousness of your parents, as you might have lived by their fears and illusions.


You can transform the family patterns by:

• Do self-introspection and meditation in order to find the core of the problem.
• Realize the family energy patterns and try to change them.
• Try to be your own master, a master of your soul and karma.

You have the power. The first step is to believe that you are…