Many people enjoy drinking unhealthy beverages without even knowing that they can cause numerous health issues. What would happen to our health if we replace all these beverages with water?

Chris Bailey, who is a well-known instructor, has completed a month-long research regarding the benefits of drinking water. He has found numerous medical advantages of drinking plenty of water instead of soda, coffee, alcohol and other types of drinks. Here are some of them:

1. Helps you to lose weight

Drinking water helps you to burn calories just like running or any other challenging physical activity.

2. Promotes digestion

Water boosts your digestion and accelerates your vitality. Two glasses of water each morning will do wonders for your health and bolster your metabolism by 24%.

3. Enhances the work of your cerebrum

The cerebrum is composed of 80% water. If we take this into consideration, we can easily assume that drinking enough amounts of water on a daily basis is crucial for normal function of the cerebrum, such as our concentration and cognitive abilities.

4. Lowers your appetite

When you drink more water, you suppress your cravings for unhealthy food. Drinking plenty of water makes you feel satiated for longer and helps you lose some extra pounds.

5. Provides detoxification

Water detoxifies your organism and eliminates toxins and all other impurities that may disrupt the normal function of your body.

6. Reduces the risk of getting infections

Numerous health issues will be prevented by regular consumption of water. You will significantly lower the chances of getting hypertension, bowel growth, bladder conditions and other infectious diseases.

7. Improves your cardiovascular health

Drinking at least five glasses of water per day will decrease your chances of heart assault by amazing 41%.

8. Improves the look of your skin

In order to have glowing and clear skin you should provide internal hydration as well. Regular intake of water will make your skin delicate, spotless and rejuvenated.

9. Boosts your immunity

If you drink a lot of water you will be less likely to get sick. Drinking water helps you fight colds, flu, heart issues and even cancer.

10. Balances the fluids in the body

About 70% of the human body is composed of water. Therefore, proper hydration is important for balancing all physiological processes in your body. Water is necessary for the transportation of nutrients as well as for the regulation of the body temperature.

11. Alleviates headaches

Headaches, migraines and back pain are mostly caused by dehydration. Therefore, drinking plenty of water will keep at bay the annoying headaches and back pains.

12. Prevents sprains and cramps

Joint pain is less common in people who keep their bodies well-hydrated. Water lubricates your muscles and joints providing elasticity which prevents sprains and cramps.

13. Prevents fatigue

Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. So, instead of coffee, take a glass of water and you will feel more energetic and alert.

14. You will save a great deal of money

Water is the cheapest of all other drinks. If you replace all other beverages with water you will save large amounts of money.