Being an empathic person has its advantages and disadvantages. It is less advantageous for those who mess with an empath rather than for the empaths themselves.

Empaths are gifted persons. This rare gift they possess makes them unique in terms of being great listeners and trouble-solvers. They are real masters of reading other people’s body language as well as their mind.

Their greatest and in the same time extraordinary trait is their powerful ability to immediately determine if a person is a liar, faker or evil. So, they are true experts in human psychology.

Due to their intense personality not many people can handle empaths. Here are some reasons for that:

1. Natural lie detectors

Even though there are ways to detect lies like observing the body movements, paying attention on details which are unnecessary, looking straight into the eyes and the like, all these tactics are completely useless because empaths actually never use them.

The reason for this is very simple – empaths are born with the lie detector gift and they can immediately tell if somebody is a liar, and what is strange about this is that they can not explain how they know that because they simply feel it.

Also, another specific characteristic is that empaths know when a person lies in a situation when this person is too distressed to be able to explain how they really feel deep down. In such cases, empaths will offer help and support. In this context, empaths strongly react to false compliments and insincere flattery.

In addition, they also know when a person pretends to be someone else. They believe that everyone should accept themselves with all their flaws and qualities.

Finally, having an empath as a friend can be truly rewarding. First of all because they hate being used by others and do not tolerate exploiting. Secondly, because they have strong intuition and can detect if something is wrong or if somebody feels bad. In such cases they warn their friends, offer help and support because they know how to cherish real friendships.

2. Strong jealousy detectors

Empaths sense jealousy even if people do their best to hide it. However, empaths will be humble and won’t confront these people because they do not want them to feel uncomfortable.

3. Faker detectors

Empaths detest fakers. They can easily become aware of fakers because they can identify other people’s feelings. In such cases they will not allow being fooled so they distance themselves as a prevention measure.

4. Hatred detectors

Hatred is the most powerful emotion which empaths can sense. Empaths can not stand this strong negative energy and again they avoid it by distancing themselves. They do this simply because they want to be surrounded with positive energy and good people.

5. Prejudice detectors

Empaths dislike shallow and superficial people who have prejudices towards other people. They detest and can easily see through a person who has concealed prejudices towards people with different skin color or sexual orientation.

All things considered, people who tend to be liars, fakers or simply evil should avoid the company of empathic people or else they should be prepared to face a true reality blow.