Tobacco is smoked by over 1.1 billion people in the world. Even though you might not be taking puffs of the substance, living around people who smoke regularly can make you a passive smoker. This will make you to suffer synonymous effects as the actual smokers.

Tobacco contains Nicotine, a substance that makes people to be at risk of hypertension, osteoporosis, and Gout as well, lung diseases and cancers. When smoking, tobacco produces a gas called carbon monoxide which competes for oxygen in the body, and it can lead to suffocation when in excess. But what should you do to stop smoking tobacco? Below are the ways to follow.

1. Acupuncture

This is a form of traditional therapeutic intervention that involves insertion of needles on the patient’s skin. The needles are known to affect both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as well as the metabolic regulations of the body.

Smokers who had the procedure performed on them experienced a reduction in their urge to smoke tobacco. Although the rationale behind the functioning of this method is unclear, practical evidence has shown that it works very well to kill withdrawal symptoms of tobacco and it ceases the urge to smoke in people.

2. Hypnotherapy

This is done through manipulation of the thinking of the smoker through reality and factual messages that are attached with substantial evidence to make the smoker see the disadvantage of smoking.

It is done to ensure that the smoker sees smoking as a bad act by educating him or her on the negative effects of smoking. The negative effects used as evidence include discolored teeth, dry mouth and smelling tobacco even in public places.

3. Exercising Regularly

Smoking starts in the mind. You have to think about smoking before you get the urge to smoke. When you exercise, you keep your mind busy, you don’t feel the urge to smoke and you always feel like you should stay healthy.

Exercises relieve people from the withdrawal syndromes of tobacco and people always feel energetic. Just spare 30 minutes every evening to jog, run or lift weights.

4. Magnesium Therapy

This is a very effective form of medical treatment that smokers are given always. Magnesium works by antagonizing nicotine on NMDA receptors, the receptors that control dopamine release in the body.

When nicotine is inhaled, it attaches to these receptors and inhibits dopamine release and functioning. Magnesium inhibits nicotine from attaching to the NMDA receptors.

5. The Nicotine Patch

This is an old form of Tobacco addiction treatment that is known to be long lasting especially when combined with drugs like varenicline and bupropion.

The end results is that you will not have the urge to smoke and it reduces even the effects of Nicotine in your blood. Your health will be revived and within a short time and you will even hate the smoke of Tobacco.

The bottom line is that it is hard to quit smoking as compared to starting it. Always stay away from people who smoke because you could also suffer the same health effects.