Most people don’t even know that dryer sheets are one of the most toxic items in their households. They contain dangerous chemicals and fumes which can be detrimental to our health.

Their fresh smell comes from the artificial fragrances that are also harmful. Even the fragrance-free dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals. They infiltrate your clothes and come in contact with your skin.

Dryer sheets usually trigger allergic dermatitis, various skin issues, eye irritations and nervous system disorders. Moreover, their toxic substances are released in the air causing respiratory problems. Some of these chemicals accumulate in the tissues, thus increasing the risk of cancer.

If you use dryer sheets too often, you should stop doing that. Once you find out their toxic effects on your body, you will stop using them immediately. Here is a list of the most dangerous chemicals found in them:

1. Alpha Terpinol

This chemical can cause respiratory problems, headaches, damage of the central nervous system and loss of the muscular control.

2. Benzyl Acetate

It is usually used for fragrance. However, inhaling its vapor causes breathing obstructions and burning sensation in the throat. What’s more, benzyl acetate is associated with pancreatic cancer diseases. Its harmful effects can also cause dry skin, red eyes, dizziness, confusion and drowsiness. Experts even recommend wearing protective clothing while being exposed to it.

3. Benzyl Alcohol

This one inhibits the function of the central nervous system and affects the respiratory tract as well.

4. Camphor

Long-term exposure to this chemical lowers the appetite, increases the heart rate and suppresses breathing. Being exposed to much higher doses affects the nervous system, causing disorientation, lethargy, vomiting, memory loss and stomach cramps.

5. Chlorophorm

It is used for hydrogen bonding. It can be either inhaled or absorbed through the skin. As well as the other chemicals, it also triggers various irritations and affects the nervous system.

6. Ethyl Acetate

According to the EPA, this is one of the most hazardous chemicals. It is responsible for eye, throat and nasal irritations.

7. Dichlorobenzene

It is also known as electrophilic chemical since it attracts electrons. Owing to this quality, dichlorobenzene is a great anti-static agent. However, it is also on the EPA’s list of the most harmful human cancer-causers. Apart from this, it induces liver and kidney ailments, as well as disorders of the nervous system.

Considering you cannot get rid of these toxic substances since they are part of many other household items too, you should at least learn how to protect yourself and always opt for some safer alternatives.

Luckily, dryer sheets can be replaced with some safer ingredients, which will keep your clothes soft, static-free and fresh-smelling. For example, you can try:

• White vinegar

It can remove mildew and detergent residues from your clothes.

• Baking soda

To keep your clothes fresh and chemical-free, use this natural deodorizer instead of dryer sheets.

• Dryer balls

Not only do they keep your clothes soft, but they can also pull out the moisture. These reusable items have anti-static and chemical-free properties.

Some extra tips:

To reduce the static, dry your clothes at low temperature.

Use natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen since they are good for your skin and in order to reduce your exposure to the chemical additives.

For further details watch the video below.