According to the biology department at Union County College, pineapples are members of the bromeliad family. They are actually one of the few edible bromeliads. A cup of pineapple chunks contains about 82 calories. They are cholesterol-free, fat-free and low in sodium.

Pineapples are rich in vitamin C

A glass of pineapple juice contains 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential because it stimulates the metabolism of some vital enzymes that are necessary for managing energy and regulating the metabolic processes in the body.

Pineapples are also rich in other nutrients, including vitamin A, B6, riboflavin, thiamin, magnesium, pantothenic acid and potassium.

Pineapples are the best source of manganese

Pineapples are extremely high in manganese which is one of the most essential minerals for the human body. It helps the absorption of calcium, stimulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates into energy and facilitates healthy nerve function.

Bromelain has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Fresh pineapples are high in Bromelain. It is a specific type of enzyme that fights infections and eradicates bacteria due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in the treatment of inflammations and conditions like arthritis.

Choose unprocessed pineapple juice instead of processed cough syrups

Common colds and certain irritations may trigger annoying cough which is believed that requires only medicinal treatment. However, instead of choosing the processed pharmaceuticals, you should opt for natural pineapple juice.

It is less expensive and more effective. It is free of toxic substances and has no side effects. What’s more, it will provide your organism with numerous nutrients that will help your immune system to fight the cold.

Pineapple juice helps you to get rid of the mucus

If you have mucus buildup in your throat or lungs, pineapple juice can help you to alleviate this problem. In 2010, scientists carried out a research in an attempt to find a natural treatment for those who suffered from tuberculosis.

According to the findings, the mixture of honey, pineapple juice, pepper and salt taken on a daily basis can dissolve the mucus buildup in the lungs, thus preventing the development of some severe diseases like Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Pineapples give instant cough relief

According to some recent studies, the natural pineapple juice extract eliminates mucus 5 times quicker than the processed cough syrups. Accordingly, people who suffer from mucus buildup can recover 4.8 times faster than those who take conventional pharmaceuticals.

A recipe for pineapple juice

The pineapple juice on sale may include sugar which is not recommended for those who struggle to lose some weight. Therefore, make sure you purchase the natural sugar-free variety which can be found in some good supermarkets. However, the best way to make the most of it is to prepare your own juice.

Here is the recipe:


• ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice
• 1 cup of home juiced pineapple juice
• 1 tablespoon of unprocessed honey
• 3 inches long piece of ginger
• ½ teaspoon of hot cayenne pepper

Put all these ingredients into a juicer and mix them well. You will get rid of the cough and mucus in an instant.

Other health benefits of pineapples:

• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve the bone strength
• Aid digestion
• Maintain the eye health
• Reduce excessive blood coagulation
• Prevent sinus inflammation and colds