Nowadays, people often tend to criticize others. However, you probably do not want to spend your time on those people. You do not have to give explanations to other people about your lifestyle, decisions or people you spend your time with.

It is important to feel happy and fulfilled at end of the day. If you live according to your rules, you do not need to feel ashamed or to apologize to others. Other people cannot dictate you how to live, so never say ”I am sorry” for these things:

1. Making yourself a priority in your life

No one can make you happy as you can. Therefore, make the things that make you happy a priority.

You have learnt the aspect of self-development if you have lived according to your rules instead of waiting for other people to dictate you how to live. We ourselves are responsible for our lives, and by putting ourselves first we can try to help other people, too. In fact, how can we help others if we do not know how to help ourselves?

2. Following your dreams

Wanting to achieve more in your life does not mean that you are ungrateful; it means that you are ambitious. You have your own dreams and wishes and you want to achieve them. It means that you want to achieve more than you are capable of.

However, other people may think that you are a hopeless dreamer who will never achieve his / her dreams.

Do not feel bad about your big dreams, but do your best to achieve them and feel grateful about who you are. Follow your dreams with your heart and you will be surprised how far you can go.

3. Making time for yourself

Nowadays, we often spend our time on taking care of other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. However, how can you have time for others, when you do not have for yourself?

Self-care is vital for the overall health. Do never apologize for rejecting an invitation in order to take care of yourself. You should always put yourself first and never feel bad about taking time for yourself.

4. Who you choose to date

Nobody can tell you who to go out with. Nobody can tell you whether to like boys or girls, so do not feel ashamed of the person you are dating with. If you love someone truly, you can date whoever you want. If somebody does not like or disagrees about the person you are dating with, you should let them go off from your life.

5. Expressing your emotions

Unfortunately, people are often ashamed of expressing their true emotions. We act as robots in the society, supposed to obey, but not to express how we feel. Do not permit anyone to tell you how to express your emotions. We live in a society where people are afraid to express their emotions. Do not feel ashamed to show how you feel.

6. How you earn money

Do never say you are sorry if you are satisfied and pleased with your job. It is not important how much money you earn if you are satisfied with the job you are doing. If you feel satisfied and fulfilled with your job, do not allow anyone to make you feel like you are not.

7. Being optimistic

Living in a world, where everyone tells you to expect the best, but also to prepare for the worst, keeping the head up can be rather challenging. However, positive thinking is thought to have numerous benefits, such as reduced stress, life longevity, high levels of creativity, etc.

Stay positive, no matter how hard it is, as it will help you to deal up with everyday challenges.

8. Your past

There are people who want to make sure you never forget the mistakes that you made in the past. However, when they start to criticize you, remember that you have learnt a lot from your past mistakes. We live with our memories and experiences, so do not allow anyone to make you feel bad about your past.

9. Your diet

Even though many people try to tell you what you should eat, do not listen to them, it is your own body. As you should not tell others what to eat, they also should not dictate your eating preferences. Every person can decide what is best him, not other people.

10. Your opinions

You can respect a person even though you do not agree with him / her. If you have your own opinion, always express it, even if it is not right. We cannot change the world if we do not express our opinions.

11. Challenge the mainstream

Many people are curious about other people’s life, so that people often feel ashamed of the way they live their life. Do never listen to what other people say, live your life according to your rules. If someone feels guilty about how you live your life, they may be jealous of you. Usually, people are not satisfied with their own life and they try to influence your life in order to feel comfortable.

You deserve to life your life as you want, so do not feel ashamed of it.

11. Making a positive change in your life

Positive changes should be awarded, never punished. Nevertheless, people around you do not want you to change even though the change is positive. So, try to stay firm in your decision to change. Do not let other people influence you, as it is your decision.

12. Putting an end to unhealthy relationships

If someone has negative influence on your life, you can let them go off. Put an end to the relationship and do not regret about it.
Keep the people who appreciate you and take care of you, people who make you feel good. However, do never apologize for putting up a relationship that only hurts you.

13. Getting emotional

We cannot image the world without love, acceptance, passion, happiness, sadness and grief. People, who cannot accept your emotions, cannot deal up with honesty and vulnerability. In cases like this, you may feel the need to suppress your emotions and apologize to these people.

However, suppressing your emotions may negatively affect your life. Suppressed emotions may lead to anger, stress, depression, anxiety and even health illnesses.

Instead of letting other people determine when and how to express your emotions, surround yourself with positive people who support your feelings.