It is a well-known fact that spending time outdoors is highly beneficial for both the mental and the physical health. However, neuroscientists have recently revealed the benefits of spending time at the beach.

Namely, the feeling of calmness and peace that we experience at the beach is referred to as ″blue space″. The combination of water sounds and soothing smells has amazing effects on the human brain. It actually makes us feel at ease in a hypnotic way.

According to the scientists, the ″blue space″ makes you feel more energized and evokes feelings of happiness and relaxation.

A study conducted by the Kobe University in Japan has shown that people who live in a house or in a flat with a view of the ocean are much calmer than other people.

Here are the amazing benefits of the ″blue space″:

1. It reduces the level of stress

Water is abundant in naturally occurring positive ions which have the ability to make you feel more relaxed. So whether you dip your feet in the water or jump in for a swim, the feeling of relaxation is inevitable. The beach is a real mood booster which you should use from time to time.

2. It makes you more creative

Being in a ″blue space″ helps you to clear your head and deal with your problems in a more creative way. In other words, it triggers feelings of calmness which allow you to focus on the most important things in your life.

3. It reduces feelings of depression

The ″blue space″ reduces depressive feelings due to the hypnotic sounds of the waves and the beach smell. This can put you into a meditative state which in turn clears your mind and helps you to deal with the challenges you are struggling with in your life.

4. It can change your perspective on life

Nature has always been the most important factor in living a healthy and happy life. The beach, on the other hand is a natural cure for the mind, body and soul.

5. It improves the physical health

Breathing in the sea air improves the function of your respiratory system, provides better sleep at night and supplies your body with the necessary amount of vitamin D.

6. It regulates the blood pressure

In indoor or outdoor environments, the body works harder in order to get more oxygen needed for optimal function. This in turn raises the heart rate and the blood pressure. The ″blue space″ can normalize your blood pressure and prevent diseases triggered by hypertension or other types of blood tension disorders.