Negative emotions such as psychological stress are described as the emotion that people normally feels when they are confronted with emotional, physical and mental pressure.

Though it is pretty normal for us to feel this heightened level of emotion, repeated and prolonged negative emotion can lead to health issue. There are some clinical evidences that suggest that psychological stress have a direct impact on the ability of the tumor to spread and grow.

How Psychological Stress Affects Cancer Patients

Cancer patients may feel stressed on the social, emotional and physical impact of the disease. Some of them have different ways to manage the stress. There are individuals who will develop an unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking and smoking. Those who will lose hope will have a sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, those who have an effective stress-management tactics and coping techniques shows a lesser amount of symptoms that is related with their disease.

In addition, clinical studies also shows that negative emotion can contribute to the ability of the cancer cells to spread and grow. In a particular study that involves a lab rat, it shows that the mice with a human tumor are more likely to metastasize if they are isolated. In another research, the tumor that was transplanted into the mice fat pads has a faster rate to spread on the other organs such as the lymph nodes and lungs if they are stressed. Furthermore, the hormone called norepinephrine that is produced when an individual is stressed will encourage metastasis and angiogenesis.

In a separate study women suffering from breast cancer received treatment through neoadjuvant chemotherapy. They were asked by the medical personnel to use the beta blockers. These beta blockers are drugs that can interfere in the production of the stress hormone. Study shows that women who are utilizing beta blockers have a higher rate survive on their treatment compared to women who did not use beta blockers.

Although there is a limited study that proves the relation of negative emotion to the cancer growth, the data proves that patients will feel hopeless and helpless when they are overwhelmed with the stress. This has been linked to the high rate of mortality, but the mechanism is still vague.

Coping Up with the Negative Feelings

Forgiveness is a great sign of coping up with the psychological stress. This is not a sign of weakness or a submissive behavior. In fact, it requires a strong personality to forgive someone. Based on the study, forgiveness can lead to less somatic complaint, lesser medications, improved overall condition, enhance their energy and enhance their quality of sleep. Furthermore, ‘unforgiveness’ is also considered as a disease by the medical professionals. Refusing to forgive someone can lead to certain health conditions.

It is important to treat our physical wounds but healing our emotional wounds will improve your body’s reaction towards the treatment. It will dramatically improve your condition and increase your chance of surviving the cancer disease. Try to leave all the negative feelings to have a healthier and more fruitful life.

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