Have you ever come across a negative person whose company dampens your spirits? You can easily get tired dealing with such people. It can be especially hard if you live with the person or work with them.

There are fewer opportunities to avoid them, and you have to learn to deal with it in a mature way that will not lead to more problems. Some ways of dealing with negative people are:

Understand Where the Negativity Comes from

It is important to be compassionate. The only way you can do this is to understand where someone is coming from. It becomes easier to deal with someone’s negativity if you have a back story. Some people just like to complain and see the bad in everything for no reason others are unsatisfied with their lives and feel trapped in the situations that they are in. When you know what causes someone’s negativity, it becomes easier to deal with it.

Remain Detached or Ask Them to Tell You Something Positive

One of the gifts that you can give yourself around negative people is to remain detached. It does not matter what the story is about and whether it is directed at you. You need to learn how to remain detached from the situation. Be a third party listener and not a participant. This will help you not to get sucked into the negative tirade or cycle.

A bolder move would be to wait for a negative rant or complaining to end. After the person is done, ask them to tell you something positive. It could be about the situation or anything else for that matter. This move will benefit you and the other person as well. If they can find at least one positive thing, it means that all hope is not lost. It could even help them become more positive than they were at the beginning.

What Does It Say about You?

When dealing with negative people, you must realize that your reaction says something about you. When someone is trying to push all your buttons, what is your reaction? This shows the kind of person that you are. You could choose to remain calm and act maturely, or you could go off the handle and have to deal with the consequences later. This gives the other person more ammunition for the next time they would like to rub you the wrong way.

Always remember that the other person’s negativity is not your fault. You are not tasked with giving everyone a solution for anything that they are going through. It is not your responsibility, and you should not beat yourself up about it.

With all these tips for dealing with negative people, it is possible that it could still be overwhelming and affect you in a negative way as well. The best solution in such extreme cases is to cut ties. At the end of the day, you do not need that kind of negativity in your life.