A combination of the family members’ energy creates the energy in the home. The emotions, feelings and thoughts distribute energy, which attracts other energies, too.

The family members, visitors, neighbors, may bring negative energy in the home, which may affect the well-being and moos. The home may sometimes be full with negative influence and negative energy. The home is similar to a sponge.

It absorbs negative energy everywhere, objects, ceiling, carpet, furniture and walls. If the family relationships are tightened, there will not be harmony in the home. Moreover, the family members ill feel anxious, restless and sad.

The negative energy is everywhere around us.

Fortunately, there are some techniques, which can show what type of energy your home is filled with. In this article, we are going to show to how to find out if there is negative energy and influence in your home. Make sure you do not use the same glass more than once.


• Take a transparent or vessel glass and add 1/3 of the glass with sea salt.

• After that, add 2/3 of it with organic apple cedar vinegar.

• Put the glass in a room where you think negative energy is the most strongest.

• Observe the glass. Make sure nobody moves the glass in the following 24 hours. If there are not changes on the glass, it indicates that there is not negative energy is the room. However, if the glass is gasified, with dyed green or smudged color, it indicates that your home is full with negative energy.

• Pour the glass content in the toilet and let the water flow.

You can do technique as many times as you want. The positive vibes in your home will be noticed in a while.