Although not many people have heard of the psoas muscle it is a very important part of the body involved in many health problems the general population deals with. The major psoas muscle is also called the “muscle of the soul” and it is located close to the hip bone stretching from the legs to the spine.

It plays key role in the core stabilization, back pain, breathing problems. It also influences mobility, flexibility, the function of the joints and the structural balance. This muscle is the most postural and structural muscle in the body. It connects the upper part of the body with the lower half of the body. It is the gravity center of our body because it lies on both sides of the sacrum.

It is related to the strength of the spine and thus it is crucial for physical stability. It is also connected to the diaphragm and becomes important element in the process of breathing modulation.

However, our modern lifestyle i.e. our culture of seating and constrictive clothing style are the main factors which negatively affect our psoas i.e. they contribute for distortion of our posture, restrict our natural movements, constrict and stress our psoas.
The psoas does not only have significant role in our physical health but it is also very important for our psychological health. Namely, the psoas affects people’s feelings, their perception of the world, their behavior and life view.

People stressed psoas face difficulties in their interpersonal relationships as well as their emotional mood. The compression of psoas can lead to both physical and emotional tension.

In order to relieve this tension the balance of the psoas muscle needs to be restored. This release of tension can eventually lead to enhanced human wellbeing. Yoga is one of the best tools for releasing this tension. By doing stretching yoga poses you can successfully reduce any pain.

Constructive rest positions, standing postures and seated poses are also recommended when wanting to let go of the pain. However, this requires a lot of patience, attention and perseverance but eventually the result is incredible.

Therefore, by embracing yoga you will also reach internal awareness and thus certainly release the psoas tension. As a result, the psoas condition should never be neglected if we want to maintain our essential core functioning.