Women over the age of 60 are usually discouraged and unconfident about losing weight due to their rapidly decreasing metabolism. Another reason why they think they cannot lose weight is their age. Marcie Jaworski, a first-grade teacher, is a case in point.

She thought the same, but after a few negative experiences she had, she decided to change her lifestyle and lost 171 pounds in a year at the age of 62. Erin Bouher, her daughter wrote to TODAY about the inspiring journey of her mother, as part of ‘Thanks a Million, Mum!’ series prior to Mother’s Day.

Erin added that losing 171 pounds is an amazing gift for her, because she knew how happy her mother was. Bryan, her son, also surprised Marcie with his presence. Marcie received a $500 gift card by Lord and Taylor and an indoor cycling bike by TODAY, which she could ride while watching live classes at home. Here is the whole story.


Never in her life had Marcie had problems with her weight. She was always thin. However, after giving birth to her two children and after the death of her father, things started to change.

In order to relieve the pain and anger she felt when her father died, and to put up with the stress of the parenthood, she started snacking at night. Marcie explained that she felt comforted and happy while snacking at night. In the next 35 years, she became overweight, with more than 300 pounds.

However, in 2012 she decided to change her lifestyle. Even though she had previously lost 30 pounds, she was 305 pounds when she boarded a flight to visit her daughter. However, the airline workers wondered whether she should purchase one seat, as she would not fit in it.

When the airline worker told her that she had to purchase two seats, she refused to do that. Even though she was aware that she would not fit in one seat, she denied of purchasing two seats. This demotivated her even more, so that she gained another 55 pounds.

Several years later, when Marcie was working with a trainer and a friend of her on a treadmill, she somehow leaned on it, and the speed suddenly increased. She fell of the treadmill and hit herself against a wall. Due to her injury, she was not able to work. At that time, she was reading ‘Never going back’ by Al Roker, and she decided that she had to change her lifestyle.


Except going to the gym, Marcie helped by slim genetics involved weight loss meals in her diet. Even though she started with the easiest, she faced up with various difficulties. Marcie said that she did not want people to see that she was giving up. She put a lot of effort even though it was extremely difficult.

She added that people usually give up because if you are overweight everything is difficult to you. That was a mental issue; you have to handle up with it.

However, she went on with her routines, and become more energetic and less lazy. In a year, she managed to lose 171 pounds.

Today, Marcie is doing regular exercise 6 times per week and has a healthy, balanced diet. She claims that she is telling her story, so that other women could see that everybody can change his lifestyle, without taking into consideration the age. Here is Marcie’s advice on how to stay motivated and to lose weight at any age.


1. Always keep a before photo with you

Marie always had a before photo in her, so that she cannot forget what did she looked like in the past. In addition, when she wanted to motivate other people, she showed them her before photo.

2. Keep a food diary

Keeping a diary helped to take care of what she ate. She said that she wrote everything down. Her diary saved her life. Keeping a diary is not only a great way to track calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, but also food, which is good for your body and food that negatively affects your body.

She also wrote down how she felt emotionally and mentally while she was eating. Her diary helped her to discover which types of food were good or bad from her body, and the symptoms of bad eating or overeating.

3. Perform various activities

Marcie first started with low-intensity workouts, like jazzercise, but when she became more motivated she did a plenty of activities. These activities challenged her and helped her to enjoy herself.

4. Get the support you need

Marcie claims that she would not be able to motivate herself and lose weight without her instructors. They helped her to get used to the routine and encouraged her to go on with her progress.

The support is very important even thought it does not have to be from instructors or professional trainers. Getting support from your friends or loved ones is also helpful. You should meet people who encourage you to keep on achieving your goals, not with people who suspect in your routines and enable your healthy habits.

5. Listen to good advice

Marcie said that she used to ignore advice on her diet or workout from other people. However, she added that advice, like doing regular exercises with friends, keeping a diary, drinking a lot of water were some of the things that motivated her and helped her to lose weight. You should look up for useful information and good advice on weight loss from people who have tried them and achieved results.

Losing weight is different journey for all of us. If you want desperately to lose weight, you should read encouraging stories like this, to follow the steps that Marcie took, and to look for help by fitness and health professionals if necessary. Do not give up easily, no matter what age you are.