A good day begins in the morning, a saying that many people have not considered to be practically true. The below morning rituals will make you to turn your days from bad ones into glorious ones that are full of happiness. You will be more active and productive in all the things that you will be doing.

1. Wake Up Early Everyday

Sleepiness is normally intense when the night is coming to an end. You feel like you should sleep even more. That is the correct time to wake up, when the birds are joyously singing in the trees. The calm morning environment that is filled with fresh air is good for your mind; it soothes the mind and makes you feel fresh and energetic. The sunrise adds onto this rejuvenation and you will have a complete feeling of being energetic. That morning energy, the fresh feeling and the feeling of being new to the world will triumph in your life for the whole day thereby making you to be productive always.

2. Washing Your Oral Cavity With Oil

It is an ancient method that the ancestors used to do in order to detoxify them. When you wake up, you are supposed to take one tablespoon of oil. Don’t swallow it; let it remain in your oral cavity for not less than 15 minutes. Once that time is over, spit the oil out of your mouth and you will be ready for the day. Oil detoxifies your body, adds more energy to the body and makes you feel active.

3. Tongue Scraping

After you have removed the oil from your mouth, the residues on your tongue become soft and easy to remove. You need to remove them so that you get rid of the bad breathe. After that, make sure that you brush your teeth and mouth with good toothpaste so that you attain a good oral hygiene. After this, make sure that you drink a glass of warm lemon water. This will activate your internal body organs and make you rejuvenated further.

4. Exercise for Ten Minutes

It is good to ensure that you keep fit. Keeping fit doesn’t mean that you should jog piles of miles. Just do some pushups and do a five minute intense jogging. This will make your muscles get activated and you will feel fresh, energetic and active. After this, take a shower with warm water. You can use the Ayurveda to brush your body because it helps in boosting circulation in the body.

5. Take Small But a Healthy Breakfast

The breakfast is the food that adds energy to your brain for you to be able to do the morning work. Make sure that it is a healthy diet that has glucose to energize your brain before lunch time reaches. You can as well drink several ounces of water so that you remain alert and refreshed always.

These five measures can real change your life. You can become energetic, productive at work and enhance your general wellbeing.

Reference: Bembu