Underarm fat and breast side fat are annoying body areas which can be a real nightmare for women. These areas are very difficult to target but luckily, there are ways of toning them by focusing on the following exercises:

1. Keep your feet apart and keep a standing position. Hold dumbbells in your hands. Bend the knees and allow the chest to go down. Next, roll the shoulders back, squeeze the shoulders blades and the elbows drive to the back. Pull the dumbbells up and hold for a second.

Finally, lower the weights. Shift the position of the arms and let the weights hang in front thus extending the legs. This exercise is perfect for strengthening the upper back and thus counteracting all the posture issues.

2. Raise your knee up while in a plant position. Having the ball of the foot on the ground bend the knee towards the chest. Next, jump by switching the leg position in the air. Repeat this fast for 60 seconds.

3. If you want to target the chest muscles, the following exercise is the right one for you. Lie on a bench, hold the dumbbells in your hands with your feet on the floor. Push the weights up placing your arms over the shoulders and the palms. Then, lower the weights down and to the side.

4. Lean your body forward at a 45-degree angle. Keep your feet apart and hold the dumbbells in your hands. Extend your arms. Lift the weights up to a parallel to your body and then bring them down. This is great exercise for the upper back and the shoulder blades. It also takes off the tensions of the lower back.

5. For the following exercise use a bench, palms facing down. Place your hands on either side of the hips and keep the legs bent. The but is off the bench but right up against it. Bring your body down until the upper arms are in parallel with the floor. Lower the body with your arms in the back on the bench. This is excellent exercise for beginners who want to target their triceps.