One of the most popular ancient fortune telling techniques is palmistry. Palmistry or palm reading is a study of the hand in order to predict the person’s future and fortune and to learn about the person’s personality.

The palm reader is guided by the placement of the lines and the shape of the hand when telling the person’s future and past i.e. the palm reader foretells the future and characterizes the person’s personality by studying the palm.

The life line, the heart line and the head line are the four major lines on the palm of the hand. All people have these three basic lines. However, not many have a letter ‘M’ which is formed out of these lines when they become intertwined.

If you take a closer look at your hand and if you can find “M”, its position is usually in the middle of the hand. Some people do not have it at all whereas others may have it on one hand or even on both hands.

To make sure that you have letter “M” look closely at the life line – this is the most important line which reflects the person’s life vitality and energy. The life line is the one that spreads from the palm edge to the base of the thumb going down to the wrist.

Next, look for the head line. The head line starts from the edge of the palm and goes through the middle of the hand. It can be straight or slightly curved. The head line is connected with willpower and the process of making decisions. The heart line is the next line. It starts between the middle and index finger and ends right under the pinky finger.

This line is connected with relationships and predicts intimate and family relations. Finally, the fate line or also called Saturn Line is the rarest line of all.

As a result not many people have letter “M” . This line is connected with our career and professional life. As mentioned above, the fate line can be clearly seen on some hands but it can be absent on other hands.

If you are one of those who can see their fate line ,which spreads in the middle of the hand from the edge of the palm moving towards the middle finger, you definitely have the letter “M” on your palm.

Having this letter on your palm brings a special meaning in your life. It indicates that you are a motivated, disciplined and ambitious person. You also possess strong intuition which makes you a great business planner.
You are very persistent and hard-working.

You can easily read and see through people i.e. you can easily detect lies and deception. The letter “M” predicts good fortune, success, prosperous life and leadership. The letter “M” is associated with special people.