Castor oil has been used for decades in the treatment of constipation, fever, colds and even worms, but nowadays it is known for its power to dissolve kidney stones and detox the liver.

These are the benefits of the castor oil oral use:

• Improves the blood flow: Castor oil boosts the blood circulation, thus helping the organism to fight various health issues.

• Arthritis relief: It relieves arthritic pain by cleansing the lymphatic system. (Topical application may be used for relieving arthritic joint pain).

• Regulates the hormone balance: By improving the blood flow, the oil helps the elimination of toxins from the blood resulting in better hormone balance.

• It enhances the immune system by boosting the lymphatic drainage and increasing the production of lymphocytes.

• Fungal infections: It can be used both topically and orally for treating fungal infections. (For topical use apply two tablespoons of gently heated castor oil on the affected places).

• Improves digestion: This oil is known for being a mild laxative which encourages the toxins removal from the digestive system and resets the natural digestive balance of the body.

Recommendations for oral dosage:

• Ensure that you use high quality castor oil. It has to be cold-pressed, pure and in a dark bottle.

• Avoid using cheap castor oil since it may be processed and mixed with harmful chemicals.

• Make sure you follow the package instructions. Do not use more than the recommended dose and do not use it for more than seven days in a sequence.

• You should start with low dosages. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon for children and 1 tablespoon for adults.

• You can also mix the castor oil with milk, juice or other diluting in order to make it more palatable.
If you struggle with kidney stones or liver issues, use castor oil packs. Besides providing natural detoxification, these packs are also useful for breaking down kidney stones, supporting ovarian and uterine health, reducing inflammation, enhancing the lymphatic and blood circulation.

While using the oil for detoxification, it is crucial to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods and consume freshly-extracted juices, in order to provide your cells with the necessary nutrients.


• Lemon essential oil – (optional)
• Castor oil
• Heat pad
• Washable body wrap
• Cotton pad or wool flannel


• Moisten the cotton pad/flannel with castor oil. Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil and mix well. (The latter one is optional).

• Place the moistened cloth on the right side of your abdomen below the rib cage (that is where liver is located). For detoxifying kidneys place it on your back where your kidneys are located.

• Wrap your entire abdomen with the body wrap to secure the pad.

• On the top of the cotton/flannel pad place the heating pad.

• Lie down and keep it for an hour.

Considering castor oil is difficult to remove, ensure you wear a clean and old garment which you do not mind getting stained.

Notes of caution:

• Be careful when using the oil for the first time.
• To ensure you are not allergic to it, test it on your wrist.
• Do not apply too much oil and too frequently on your face, since it can clog pores and cause breakouts.
• The oral consumption of castor oil is not recommended for pregnant women.