Castor oil is a yellow liquid that comes from the seed ‘Ricinus communis’. It is a triglyceride, which contains fatty acids, 90 % of them are rinoleic acid. Castor oil has been used as a natural remedy for many years. Except rinoleic acid, Castor oil contains ester and salts that acts as skin-conditioning agents.

Castor oil is not only beneficial for the overall health, but also for treating temporary sprains, soothing back pain and clearing skin blemishes. The numerous health benefits of the Castor oil come from the Castor seeds, which contain great amounts of fatty rinoleic acid that has healing properties. Even though it is used in the beauty products and cosmetics, massage oils, medicines, textiles and soaps, Castor oil has great medicine benefits.

Due to its numerous health benefits, it is recommended for treating various health issues. Namely, it is considered that Castor oil is used in the treatment of genitourinary and gastrointestinal issues, different infections, inflammation and pain. In addition, Castor oil boosts up the immune system and the lymphatic system. In addition, it can be taken topically or orally.


Here are some healthy benefits of Castor oil:

• It is used to treat bruises and wounds

• It prevents stomach stretch marks during pregnancy

• It treats hearing loss

• It efficiently treats injuries

• It is used as a natural remedy for getting rid of skin warts

• It eliminates calcium deposits in the organism

• It prevents skin cancer

• It efficiently soothes snoring

• It soothes pain and itching from bee stings and insect bites

• It relieves diarrhea

• It enhances the healing of hepatitis

• It soothes back pain

• It soothes the symptoms of allergies

• It destroys nail fungus

• It eliminates pilonidal cysts

• It soothes chronic hoarseness

• It prevents cataracts

• It treats melanoma

• It enhances health in advanced stages of cancer

• It stimulates hair growth

• It eliminates tinnitus

• Parkinsons disease

• Multiple sclerosis

• Cerebral palsy

• Skin abrasions

• Athletes foot

• Acne

• Migraines

• Yeast infection

• Menstrual disorders

• Constipation

• Slows down the signs of aging


Here are some uses of Castor oil:

• Massage the stomach with Castor oil during the last two months of pregnancy to prevent starch marks.

• It prevents hearing loss by applying several drops of Castor oil in your ears

• It gets rid of warts by applying Castor oil directly on them for 4 weeks

• It eliminates calcium deposits from your feet by massaging them with Castor oil

• It prevents skin cancer by combining Castor oil with baking soda

• Apply Castor oil on the affected areas on a daily basis to eliminate nail fungus

• Sooth back pain by applying Castor oil on the back once a week

• Rub Castor oil on the eyelids before going to bed in order to sooth symptoms of allergies

• It prevents cataracts by putting a drop of Castor oil in the eyes at night before going to bed

• It stimulates the hair growth by applying Castor oil before shampooing it

• Apply Castor oil on the stomach in order to treat hyperactivity

• It treats allergies by taking 5 drops of Castor oil in the morning

• It soothes arthritis by applying a mixture of turmeric powder and Castor oil on the aching joints

• It gets rid of ringworm by applying a mixture of Castor oil and coconut oil on the affected place.

• It improves the condition of the lips by applying a few drops of Castor oil on them.

• Apply Castor oil on the eyelids to get rid of insomnia

• Apply Castor oil on your finger in order to get rid of stye. Repeat the same 2 – 3 times on a daily basis.


1. First, apply the Castor oil on the wrist to see whether you are allergic to it.

2. Even though it is very effective, you should not use it on your face for a long period of time, as it may cause clogged pores.

3. Pregnant women should not use Castor oil orally.

4. Consult a doctor before using Castor oil.

If the Castor oil is used in moderation, it is safe. However, pregnant women and people who suffer from inflammatory intestinal diseases, intestinal obstructions, abdominal pain and appendicitis should not take Castrol oil before consulting a doctor.


You can easily make Castor oil compresses. All you will need is a towel, a bottle of hot water, cotton flannel or a gauze, plastic sheet and cold compressed oil. Soak the gauze in Castor oil and put it on the affected area. Then, put a plastic sheet and a bottle of hot water over it. Finally, wrap the flannel. Leave it for 1 hour. After using the Castor oil compresses, you should rinse the skin with baking soda. Watch the video below to find out more.