Miyamoto Musashi was a Japanese Buddhist. He was born in 1584 and was an expert swordsman and rōnin. He was famous for his unique and excellent double-bladed swordsmanship and had 60 undefeated duels. He had amazing 20 rules that you should consider following if you want to have a fulfilled and happy life.

Additionally, people still use his teachings. Couple of weeks before his death, he made a list of his main rules that he lived by.

You should use them as well if you want to live your life.

– Do not live in regret

You cannot change your past and that is a fact. Moreover, things happen for a reason, which means that everything is part of your life path. If you dwell on things you sometime did, remember that you are not able to change them.

– You should accept life as it comes

Because of your mental health you should accept the life you are living. Stress, anxiety and despair are natural parts of your life. That is why you should not think that you are attacked. If you accept the most difficult parts of your life you will become stronger.

– Do not ask for more than you have

By doing this you will want more than you have and you might not be able to get them. That is why you have to learn to live with the things you have.

– Live life in the moment and enjoy pleasure naturally

We are people and we spend a lot of time looking for pleasure. We are obsessed with sexual pleasure, seek bigger raises and promotions and satisfy our cravings. Musashi says that it is important to live in the moment and enjoy in natural pleasure instead of striving for it.

– Always protect your honor

His teachings show us that if you want to be true to yourself it is important to live honorably and to follow your beliefs.

– Do not search for happiness in the form of possessions

Even though you might save for your retirement age in order to live a life of luxury, you should now that possessions won’t help you to live a happy life. You should try and live in the moment and not to search happiness in the form of possessions.

– Do not rely only on God’s guidance

You should respect God, but you should not rely only on his guidance because it cannot lead you through every motion. God can be your figure of guidance, but you should try and make your own path.

– Do not believe in anything just because you have heard it

It does not mean that something is true because you’ve heard it. It does not supposed to be true if it is spoken and rumored by many people. You should be guided with your own beliefs and thoughts.

– Do not hold on things that you do not need

You should avoid holding on to things that you do not need. It might have been important in the past, but it has to be set aside.

– Do not be gluttonous

You might be obsessed over the pleasures of food and fine dining. However, Musashi said that you should never take too much pleasure in eating.

– Do not be a slave to your surroundings

Having luxurious home and possessions may seem important to you. However, you should look for more significant things in life. You have to treasure love, health, and life itself so you can be happy.

– Have open options

Do not try to embrace matters from the future with closed thoughts. You should have open options so you can let the best opportunities come in your way.

– Do not allow lust to rule your life

We are all sexual beings by nature. For this reason we may waste our life on lustful thoughts. That is why you should try and strive for true love and lasting relationships.

– Do not complain about anything

You might complain when things go wrong, but according Musashi’s teachings you should allow all these things to pass by you.

– Do not think constantly about a sad separation

If you think about a sad parting of friends and family all the time, it will prevent you from moving on and continuing on your life. He said that you cannot bring back the dead and that is why you should leave that in the past.

– You should not be jealous of others

Jealousy is a potent form of hatred. Musashi says that if you get stuck in its grasp, it can ruin you. You should be thankful for what you have and try and not be jealous of what others have.

– Do not obsess over yourself

Nowadays self-obsession is very common. You can be concentrated on having a perfect online presence, taking a perfect picture, and looking for perfection. This might help you to forget about what really matters in life. You should want to separate from the ego and yourself in order to get a better perception of what is important.

– Do not act on an impulse emotion

Musashi says that following your heart might be a bad idea as it can cause bad decisions. It means that you should avoid acting from acting according to your impulses and stick with everything you know for sure.

– Do not weaponry unless they are necessary

Musashi says you should not use weaponry unless it is necessary. You should use them sparingly and in extreme situations.

– Overcome the fear of death

If you are afraid of death, it could stop you from living your life. That is why you should live every single day happily and you should not fear the consequences.

His rules are very inspirational. He lived a fulfilled and happy life and you will achieve the same satisfaction if you follow these rules.