The idea of an insect stuck into your ear may be really disgusting, but it is great to know what you should and should not do in such situation. A common problem is an object stuck in the ear of children as well.

Since the ear canal is really sensitive, adults can distinguish whether an object is in it, while children are not able to notice that.

Little children are more likely to experience this problem since during their childhood they explore the environment, their bodies and the objects they found interesting.

As reported by Medicine Net, children stuck the particular objects into the ears by themselves. They usually place cotton swabs, beads, beans and small toys.

Having an insect stuck in the ear, on the other hand, is also very common, especially if you sleep on the floor or outdoors, thus causing the insect to fly or crawl easily into your ear canal. This can be really painful due to the loud buzz and the insect movement inside the ear.

What to do:

In order to pull out the stuck insect you should pour baby oil, mineral oil or olive oil into the affected ear. This will cause the insect to suffocate. Note that the oil should be warm, not too hot and it can be used only for stuck insects and not for stuck objects.

If your eardrums are perforated you should not pour anything inside the ear canal since it may cause bleeding, discharge and ear pain.

According to Mayo Clinic, while you are pouring the oil, you should straighten the ear canal. In adults, pull the earlobe upward and backward, while in children pull it downward and backward.

Hub Pages suggest using alcohol to get the stuck insect out of the ear. Soak a cotton ball into alcohol and squeeze it in the ear so that a few drops go inside. This will force the insect to get out. At the same time, the alcohol will disinfect the ear canal as well.

However, pouring alcohol may be painful and stinging. If you have an object stuck in the ear use warm water and a bulb syringe. Beware that you can use this tool only if your eardrum is not perforated.

What you should avoid doing:

Make sure you do not use cotton swab or match stick to probe the ear, since this can push the insect further inside the ear canal, thus causing serious damage to the eardrum and the middle ear.

You should know that if the middle ear is being damaged it may cause balance and hearing disorders.
One of the most important things you should avoid doing is putting your fingers inside the ear. This may cause the insect to sting, causing even worse problems.

The University of Rochester Medical Centre explains that even if the insect gets out some parts of it may remain in the ear causing irritation.

In addition, besides insects or foreign objects, the removal of ear wax may also cause problems.

The accumulation of ear wax blocks the passageway in the ear canal thus leading to pain and even hearing loss.

Moreover, the frequent use of Q-tips may also cause such problems. Although you think that by doing this you clean your ears, the truth is different. You are actually pushing the wax and the skin cell debris further into your ear canals.

Note that you can never know what kind of damage may the object or insect cause to your ear canal, so it would be better to seek medical help immediately.

Reference: Health Digezt