Different studies say that these days constant inflammation is related to different illnesses, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart stroke, heart problems and malignancy. Inflammation actually can be a healthy process and that is the reaction of the body when it is injured.

For example if you cut yourself the answer of the body would be to send white blood cells on that place. However, it does not always function this way and the situation can become worse with age and some other causes might be smoking, genetic predisposition or high blood pressure.

The reason is because we are constantly eating meals that actually contain a lot of toxic substances. For this purpose we are suggesting you 6 foods that you should stop consuming in order to improve your health.


The reason to avoid it is because it contains refined carbs which become sugar once they enter our body. Eventually, this ends up in insulin raise and swelling. One research from 2012 proved that by consuming whole grain bread on a regular basis you can reduce the risk of inflammation. It is healthy and good for you.


It is considered that because it contains protein and lactose cow’s milk is one of the most inflamed foods. The skimming process will not help and it might also increase the dangerous effects of the milk. Try almond or any other nut milk. It is easy to make at home.


Consuming deep fried food is something that cannot be processed by our body and it causes inflammation. This happens when the body is not able to fight against infection. Instead of frying or deep frying, you can bake, steam or boil your food.


Vegetable oils, such as sunflower, corn and soy oil contain omega-6 essential fatty acids and they actually cause swelling. It is important to use olive oil because it is full of healthy essential fatty acids such as omega-3. Coconut oil is also very good for you and it can be used for different purposes including cooking.


When we drink alcohol, our body tries hard to break it down. That is why drinking alcohol causes production of different harmful toxins which are dangerous for the liver.

THE 3 ‘PS’

This particular item was created by Michelle Schoffro and it is the abbreviation for everything that is packaged, prepared and prepared meals. Almost any kind of these P is very inflammatory and that means that you should not consume them. It is important to stop eating chocolate, prepared cheese and drink soda.

It is important to make certain changes in your everyday diet and the changes will follow. Exercising 3 – 4 times in a week is also a good habit and if you are not in HIT or cardio training you can do yoga.

It is important to watch the video below as well: