Are you feeling tired and weary? Why don’t you try a detox salt bath? Having hot salt detoxification baths can improve the healing processes of wounds, especially after undergoing surgery. The effects it has on healing wounds are amazing. Hot detoxification salt baths can also help you treat skin issues.

In this article, we are going to present you a detox salt bath prepared of two salts: Epsom salt and Himalayan salt. Each of these types of salts has amazing health benefits, but when they are used in combination they make up a beneficial detox salt bath. Despite its beneficial effects, it is not expensive and it is easy to prepare.


Epsom salt represents a magnesium-rich mineral found in water. It looks like a big salt crystal, and that is why it is called salt. Its name comes from the town of Epsom in Surrey, in England.

There are three types of Epsom salt, depending on its use: Epsom salt for agriculture, for personal care and for eating.

The skin is the largest organ for detoxification. Therefore, having an Epsom detox bath is very effective for detoxification of the body. It contains magnesium and sulfate, which efficiently get rid of the toxins and chemicals from the body. When these chemicals and toxins are removed, the Epsom salt helps the body to increase the levels of sulfate and magnesium. The food we consume contains small amounts of magnesium and sulfate, so this detox bath provides their levels to be increased in the body, without posing any side effects on the overall health.

In addition, magnesium is also important for proper functioning of the body and performing over 300 biochemical enzyme reactions.


Himalayan salt is the oldest, uncontaminated and purest salt on the Earth, mined from the oceans in the Himalayan Mountains. It has over 84 trace minerals and elements, which are not present in regular salts. You can use Himalayan salt for cooking as it is cheaper than the regular one.

Himalayan salt is rich in essential minerals. Due to its pink color, it will make your baths more amazing. You will feel calmed down and energetic after having the Himalayan detox bath.

The combination of warm water and minerals found in Himalayan salt will provide you amazing healing health benefits.


Have you heard that the effects of a detox salt bath are similar to 3-day fasting? When Epsom salt and Himalayan salt are used in combination, they offer numerous health benefits. Having a warm detox salt bath will provide you many health benefits, including:

• It enhances respiratory health
• It improves blood flow and reduces limb numbness.
• It decreases stress levels, improves sleep quality and relaxes the muscles.
• It eliminates premenstrual symptoms: cramps, bloating and migraines.
• It treats arthritis and joint pain and soothes muscle cramps.
• It sooths the itching caused by sunburns and bug bites.
• It enhances the healing processes in cases of swelling, strained muscles and ligaments, cuts and bruises.
• It has antiseptic properties, which treat skin issues, such as: dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne and rashes.
• It reduces the acidity levels in the body and regulates the normal pH level.
• It rejuvenates the skin, cleanses and purifies the body, and provides the necessary minerals in the body.
• It gets rid of harmful toxins from the body.
• It soothes sore muscles.
• It relieves water retention.
• It lowers cellulite
• It cleanses the sinuses and provides respiratory relief


The recommended amount of added Epsom salt in a bath is 2 cups, whereas the bath time is from 12 – 15 minutes. However, according to Dr. David Jockers, the amount of salt added in a bath depends on the person’s weight.

Therefore, the recommended amount of salt in a bath of 25 – 30 gallons of water is:

• Children under 60 lbs – half a cup
• People from 60 – 100 lbs – a cup
• People from 100 – 150 lbs – a cup and a half
• People from 150 – 200 lbs – two cups
• For each 50 lb add half a cup of Epsom salt

This detox bath can be prepared just with Epsom salt , or in combination with Himalayan salt.


Before having a detox salt bath, read through the precautions:

This detox salt bath is not recommended for pregnant women, people with open wounds and burns as well as for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. In addition, if you are using certain medications, make sure you consult a doctor before having a detox salt bath.

Put off your everyday activities and calm down with this salt bath. Before having a bath, clean your bath thoroughly from dirt and mold. Then, fill the bath with water (37º C) and add the salts to dissolve in it. Avoid using hot water. Moreover, do not use additives, such as: soaps, shampoos and oils. If you need to wash your hair, do it before having the salt bath. While bathing, avoid rinsing, use only a dry towel.

Before having a salt bath, consume healthy food instead of unhealthy, greasy meals. Maintain the hydration of your body, you should drink a lot of water, while detoxifying. Drink water while bathing, too.

For better results, you should stay in the salt bath for 40 minutes. As this is a salt bath, be careful when you get out of it, as you might feel dizziness light headed. Take a rest for about half an hour after the bath. Moreover, when you get out the water may get a milky color as a result of the chemicals and toxins eliminated from your body. The water may turn brown if you smoke, as a result of the cigarette toxins. You should do this detox salt bath 1 – 3 times per week in order to obtain the best health benefits.