The number of people, who die of cancer, has grown dramatically. Even though the benefits of the modern medicine are obvious, we still cannot avoid the chemicals and toxins.

Namely, insecticides, genetically modified food, beauty products, antibiotics, toothpaste, sun creams, shampoos, bleaches, fluoride contain carcinogens and chemicals.

In addition, the food that we consume is loaded with refined sugar, sweeteners, lots of salt, animal fat, etc. All these products create an acidic environment in our bodies, which is suitable for cancer development.

Patients, who have been diagnosed cancer, die within five years. The traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, weaken the human body, and affect the healthy cells, too.

However, viruses and pathogens cannot survive in aerobic environment. Cancer cell cannot survive, too. Cancer cells need high amounts of sugar, so you should limit your intake of sugar and also increase the supply of oxygen in the body cells.

One way to prevent the development of cancer or other diseases is alkalization. One alkalizing agent, which is very beneficial for both the skin and the hair, as well as for the whole body, is the hydrogen peroxide.


The hydrogen peroxide is very beneficial for the human body, as it revitalizes the human organs and body tract:

– Stomach within 5 years
– Hair and skin in a month
– Liver and DNA material in 45 days
– Gallbladder in 49 days
– Brain cells and tissue within two months
– Skeletal system in 3 months
– Red blood cells in 4 months

Scientists believe that there is a close relationship among oxygen and metastasizing. Many of them consider that the hydrogen peroxide can help in the prevention of cancer. Namely, the cancerous cells cannot destroy it, but in turn it eliminates them effectively.

The enzymes of the pancreas destroy the surface of the affected cells, and the immune system does not target them as cancerous.

Dr. Otto Warburg, a German doctor and a Nobel laureate, found out the main cause of the cancer cells. He thought that each body cell needs glucose. However, the normal ones also need oxygen. The cancerous cells do not need oxygen, so they cannot thrive in aerobic environment.

He claims that the use of hydrogen peroxide if very effective and safe. You should use 35 % hydrogen peroxide, because the experts claim that the 3 % hydrogen peroxide is not adequate for external usage.


In a glass of water, add 2 drops of 30 % – 35 % hydrogen peroxide and drink it. In addition, add hydrogen peroxide in a warm bath and soak for half an hour in it.

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