We all sometimes need to detoxify our lives because we lead overwhelmed, overscheduled and overworked lifestyles. These types of lifestyles have been accepted as something that is a fact of life and completely normal, but this is definitely not true. We constantly lack time because we are constantly taking on more and more responsibilities.

These responsibilities consequently lead us to make less healthy choices for our minds and bodies.

One of the most effective ways to detoxify our bodies is to stop filling our lives with toxic things.
If you need a detox in your life, check out the following solutions. They will help you to cleanse your life.

Effective Ways to Detox Your Entire Life

• Oil cleansing

Oils offer a lot of health benefits. It can effectively detoxify the body. Many oils are effective, including oil pulling with coconut oil, using castor oil packs, cooking with virgin, healthy, cold pressed mono unsaturated oils and using essential oils as natural home remedies.

One medical study showed that the natural edible sesame oil and the active antioxidant sesamol can be very beneficial in the treatment of iron and lead induced kidney and liver toxicity. Moreover, this oil causes no side effects. According to the research, this oil reduces the levels of iron and lead toxic metals, as well as the inflammatory immune response inside the body. Sesame oil can also be helpful in eliminating mercury from the body and reducing the tumor necrosis factor a.

• Removing clutter

We all have pointless, excessive and meaningless things all over the house that continue to pile up. We put these unnecessary things all over the place. Unneeded things can be seen in the car, on the desk, on the table, in the living room or in the closet. We have to get rid of these things.

Clutter is usually the result of owning excessive amount of things, such as antiques, books, food, papers, clothes, shoes and toys. These things occupy a lot of place and there is no reason for them to be there. However, these things not only occupy living space. They also occupy space inside the brain.

• Consume cruciferous vegetables

We are all aware that an excellent way to remove toxic agents inside the body that can cause cancer is to eat green vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables, such as brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are loaded with indole 3 carbinol or I3C. it helps the body to eliminate all the excess amounts of estrogens.

The excessive amounts of chemicals that act as estrogen inside the body can come from pesticides, beauty products, hormones given to animals that we consume and BPA plastics. These chemicals that act as estrogen are xenestrogens. They can lead to the development of breast cancer, as well as other cancer types and cause early hormonal changes in both female and male teenagers.

• Cleansing with herbal teas

Herbal teas have been used for many centuries to cleanse and detoxify the body. Artichoke and dandelion herbal teas are excellent for excretion of bile, while burdock and milk thistle herbal teas are great for cleansing the liver.

• Cleansing the digestive tract

The colon and the entire digestive tract always need a detox. Dietary cleanses, enemas, laxatives and suppositories are all beneficial for the digestive system. An excellent way to detoxify the body and cleanse the digestive tract in a natural way is to consume senna herbal tea.

• Don’t ignore the spiritual needs

You must not ignore and neglect your spiritual and religious needs. Your overall wellbeing and balance depend on doing the stuff that uplift your spirit. So, no matter whether you prefer to enjoy the beauties of nature, meditation, attending church, reading the scripture, attending church, or something else, you should always find time for these beneficial activities for your spirit and soul.

You should always try to find 20 minutes or half an hour a day to address these needs. If you cannot do this for some reason, spend at least 10 or 15 minutes enjoying solitude, meditating or reading the scripture before going to bed.

• Massages

One of the best ways to improve the function of the lymphatic system, which is the natural system of the body responsible for detox, is to stimulate circulation and the energy meridians of the body with massages.

• Disconnecting and reconnecting

We are all aware that overdependence and overuse of technology devices is toxic for our body. We can see this on a daily basis as we see people driving and using their mobile phones. We have even been witnesses to children using their mobile phones and tablets at the dinner table. Even at the work place, coworkers can be preoccupied with their messages and ignore the work. Technology is the responsible for these daily occurrences.

Advancement in technology have brought many benefits, such as new scientific discoveries, educational improvements, medical advancement, etc. however, the electronic devices have also negatively affected the connection that we have between each other. Children spend more and more time on Facebook and forget about studying, the parents bring work at home and families drift apart. Excessive use of technology reduces the presence of mind. Therefore, we should always be careful how much and how often we use electronic devices.

• Exercising

Exercises promote blood circulation, which helps the organs to eliminate toxins. Furthermore, the toxins are stored in the fat cells, so losing fat eliminates toxins as well. You should also take Epsom salt baths, use a sauna or drink plenty of water when exercising to stay hydrated.

• Epsom salt baths

Natural mineral hot springs or Epsom salt baths are excellent ways to detoxify the body. You can also add lavender essential oil to have an aromatherapy cleanse as well.

Cleansing baths have been used in China 2700 years BCE. Therefore, prepare your own cleaning bath with Epsom salt, essential oils, natural mineral salts, moisturizing oil and baking soda.

• Sweating

Exercise and sweat to cleanse your body through your skin. Saunas are also an excellent way to improve the flow of lymph and blood and eliminate the toxins. Shower after sweating to remove the toxins on your skin.