The foods we consume have a big influence over our health and the pH level of the body. Most of the time people overlook this fact when it comes to being healthy; however everyone needs a well balanced pH for eliminating any health problems. That is why, it is very important to have alkaline and not acidic body.

Alkaline and Acidic Body

Having acidic body means that you are not healthy. The reason is because this will put you at greater risk for developing chronic illness, weight gain and speedy aging. The pH of the body has to be balanced and this way it will function properly. The big key is to eat more alkaline foods. There are many benefits of having alkalinized body and one of the most important are:

• Sleeping better
• Having more energy
• Slowing down the aging process
• Being protected from cancer
• Being alerted during the day

It is shown in studies that if your diet is consisted mainly of alkaline foods the quality of your life can be improved by 80%.

Naturally, the body is more alkaline than acidic. It has pH level 7.365. That is why it is important to maintain this balance by eating alkaline foods. Some of the options are:

• Almonds
• Millet
• Chia seeds
• Lemons
• Tofu
• Melons
• Chestnuts
• Whey protein powder
• Cucumber
• Leafy greens

A lot of vegetables are alkaline, meaning you should include more of them in your diet and you should know that the acidic vegetables are lentils, corn and olives. Eating fruits is healthy, but a lot of fruits should be avoided as they can change the pH levels, especially if the pH levels in your body are already acidic. Some of them are:

• Cranberries
• Blueberries
• Plums
• Prunes
• Currants

Also, you should stop eating canned fruits because they create acid in the body.

How to Know If Food is Acidic or Alkaline

It can be hard to know if a certain food is acidic or alkaline. For example, we know that lemons are acidic; however, their effect is to make the body alkaline when they are consumed. At the same time, meat products are alkaline, yet they create acid in the body.
Some of the most acidic foods that have to be avoided are:

– Meat
– Dairy
– Grains
– Legumes
– Eggs
– Nuts
– Vegetables oils
– Alcohol
– Coffee
– Refined sugar

You should be aware that food only is not the reason for having more acidic body. Some other factors can be stress, reduced oxygen, as well as and toxins from the environment.