Nowadays, millions of people use e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes). Juul electronic cigarettes were initially created to help smokers to easily give up smoking.

According to the studies, Juul e-cigarettes and other vaping devices can cause numerous health issues, including brain damage, lung damage, high blood pressure, smoking addiction, etc.


A Juul is an electronic cigarette in the form of a cigar or cigarette that does not contain tobacco. It works with a battery, but it consists of flavorings, nicotine solution or other chemicals that may cause side effects on the overall health. Jull is a vaping device that contains a nicotine extract that turns into inhalable mist. A 2017-survey found out that 18 – 24 year-olds use Juul devices on a regular basis.

Juul e-cigarettes were first released in 2005 and their function was to help smokers to quit smoking easily. However, researches show that Julls may have negative effects on the overall health.


 Juul cigarettes, as well as cigarettes, contain 5% of nicotine extract. The pod inserted in the Juul contains two hundred puffs.  Even though Juuls do not contain tobacco, they produce nicotine as much as cigarettes. The nicotine may cause brain damage and lead to nicotine addiction.

There are numerous differences between vaping and juuling, including:

  • Juuling is a vaping device. In comparison to other vaping devices, it provides more nicotine.
  • Juuls contain a chemical that is not found in other vaping devices. Juuls consist of organic salts, whereas other vaping devices contain glycerin and glycol that produce nicotine.
  • Juul vaping devices deliver nicotine as much as other cigarettes. However, Juuls deliver it 1 – 2.7 times faster than the other vaping devices.
  • Not only the Juuls are slimmer and smaller than the other vaping devices, but they also come in different flavors.


Juul cigarettes are one of the most popular and used cigarettes, because:

  • They are easy to use and obtain

Juul e-cigarettes are relatively cheap and have an innovative look. They look like a USB stick. Teenagers and the young can easily hide them, as they do not deliver nicotine, smoke or vapor. In addition, they can be found in several flavors, like fruit, cream, mango, etc.

  • Authorities encourage their use

A few health organizations and authorities, such as the American Public Health Association, are supporting the use of Juuls. These organizations claim that using Juuls is better than using tobaccos or cigarettes. They also add that smoking cigarettes increases the risk of cancer.


Even though many people think that using Juul e-cigarettes is less harmful than other vaping devices, it is still unknown whether the long-term use of Juuls may lead to side effects on the overall health. Numerous studies have found out that Juuls may cause more side effects on people’s health than other cigarettes.

Juuls may have adverse effects on the overall health, including:

  • Cigarette addiction between the young and teenagers

Even though the use of cigarettes was banned to children under the age of 18, the use of e-cigarettes has significantly increased. Juuls can be bought at smoke shops, stores and markets and gas stations.

The increased use of e-cigarettes also indicates that teenagers and young adults may become dependent on cigarettes.

  • An increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Juul e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which may increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, it may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Studies found out that Juuls may lower the ability of the blood vessels to widen. Moreover, their use may increase the risk of vascular and cardiac diseases, including stroke, atherosclerosis and aneurysm.

  • Lung damage

E-cigarettes contain chemicals, such as acetoin and diacetyl, which may harm the respiratory system and lead to serious health issues, including respiratory illnesses, bronchitis, and eye and skin irritations. In addition, these chemicals may lead to inflammation and lung infections.

  • DNA Damage

The DNA may be modified by the use of vaping devices. Compounds, like acrolein, formaldehyde and methylglyoxal, are found to damage genetic DNA and cause cancer.


It is considered that Cannabidiol (CBD), the extract of marijuana and hemp buds and flowers, can heal countless health issues, including nicotine addiction and anxiety.

Today, the Cannabis oil can be found in vaping devices, balms, oils, tinctures, edibles, etc.

Is Cannabis oil safer than Juuls and other electronic cigarettes?

Positive and negative advantages of cannabis oil are:

  • It is considered that Cannabis oil may prevent anxiety and stress, and improve mood. The effects of CBD vaping can be felt after 30 seconds, which means that it can prevent anxiety and panic attacks.
  • CBD vaping can also improve sleeping, thus preventing sleep apnea and insomnia. Moreover, it is used to reduce symptoms of endometriosis, joint pain, migraines, PMS and arthritis.
  • Cannabis oil can be also used as an alternative to pain-killers.

In spite of the numerous benefits of using CBD oil, it is still unclear whether its long-term use can affect the overall health.

  • People with lung damage or lung disease should avoid CBD vaping.
  • CBD products contain agents, such as glycol and polyethylene, which can turn into cancerogenic compounds. These compounds can lead to asthma, coughing, allergies, nausea, lung irritations.
  • The long-term use of Cannabis oil can cause cognitive impairment and low memory, poor concentration, decreased ability to think.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding woman should not use CBD vapors.


  • Try mindfulness meditation, such as tai chi, yoga, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, etc. These practices can also reduce chronic fatigue, stress and chronic pain.
  • Relaxation in a group can also help smokers to deal with triggers and cravings.
  • Nicotine patches or other alternatives can also help smokers to quit smoking more easily. Black pepper oil is also considered to reduce nicotine cravings and alleviate adverse effects.