If you have you have anxiety problem then you know that dealing it is hard to deal with it. These people can become anxious about simple things such as going to the store or buying a present. This appears silly to others, but for those experiencing it is a world of thousands questions and fears when they leave their house.

Having anxiety has a lot of downsides. However, every cloud has its silver lining. In this case it has five. In most cases people who are anxious experience a heightened sense of perception than people who are not and this means they are able to see things that are invisible to others.

There are 5 positive and all of them are result of your anxiety:

1. Sensing energy around you

Anxious people usually have a gut feeling for people and they can easily determine whether people around them have a positive or rather a negative energy. If they discover they are feeling comfortable in someone’s presence, it is because they have positive energy. On the opposite, if they feel bad vibes it means that they feel the negative energy from someone.

2. Increased Empathy

Anxious people struggle with emotions as well. That is why anxious people can understand their feelings much easier. They can do that with the feelings of those who surround them. It is a level of empathy which is not common among those who don’t have to face their emotions on daily basis, but helps people who are anxious to build a better connection with other.

3. Life-Saving Instincts

If you spend a lot of time thinking about the worst case scenario, it means you can recognize potential dangers quite easily. One study that was published in the European Journal of Psychology discovered that anxious people can easily detect danger and also respond to it.

4. Increased IQ

Like we said – anxious people over analyze different situations and each and every possible outcome. Some researchers from the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York discovered that anxious people have higher IQs than other.

5. Lie Detectors

People who deal with high anxiety levels are very cautious. They can easily spot when someone is lying and if something is not making any sense to them they will discover it.

If you are still not sure what is anxiety or how difficult is to deal with it, you can watch the video below for proper illustration.

There are different practices that can help you to convert your anxiety in positive energy and it can be done by working and applying them:

1. Ask the universe for the thing you want and wait for the outcome – do not focus on the thing you desire. Instead focus on how you can help to get that.

2. Do not grip fear and worry about things, believe and know it will turn out just fine – have faith and be aware that in the end everything will be okay.

3. Breathe and try to figure out what feeling hide under your fears – and this can help you to discover how you want to fell. When you are feeling bad and depressed, just do something that will boost your mood and energy. Cook, bake, run, exercise…anything that will keep you busy.