Having an empath for a partner can be the most amazing thing. However, for some men having an empath for a partner can be a real challenge. The reason for this is that empaths are incredibly honest and they strive for serious relationships.

As a result, female empaths have difficulties to find the right partner. More precisely, they will never start a relationship as long as their partner has no serious intentions. They exactly know what they want and they will not satisfy with less. They strive for relationship which is stable and filled with love. They need a partner who they can rely upon in hard times.

Deep and meaningful connections are their priority. They are intense people and not many men can handle their intensity. Men who have issues with reliability should never try to have a relationship with an empathic woman. The reason for this is that empathic women are not interested in unstable men and men who can not handle the truth.

Empathic women are considerably independent and they extremely cherish their freedom. Therefore, being in a relationship with a man who restricts their freedom is out of the question. Empathic women are considered very complex and mysterious.

As a result, they are often misunderstood. Empathic women are demanding and thus can be a real burden for their partner. Namely, they need to be both emotionally and physically satisfied. If not, then they will undoubtedly leave their partner.

Being interested in serious relationships, empathic women get involved in long-term relationships and they are guided by the motto “all or nothing”. Being curious by nature, empathic women ask a lot of questions.

They want to know everything but only because they want to have all things cleared up. As a result, these women see the best and the worst in other people even if others find it hard to see the same as they do. Being in a relationship with an empathic women can be a blessing and a curse in the same time depending on the man and his capability to handle their emotional nature.

Empathic women are hypersensitive and even the smallest thing can hurt them. However, they are full of forgiveness and intense love. They give their all and expect the same from their partner. Therefore, not many men are prepared for a relationship with an empathic woman.
However, they should keep in mind that regardless of how hard a relationship with an empathic woman can be, it is also the most wonderful thing that can happen to them.